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Anyone do Diet Chef or similar?

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DraenorQueen Tue 17-Nov-15 18:31:41

I'm having a shit time with my weight. I weigh 20 stone and hate my body. I have an amazing job, am a happy person, lovely mates, etc. but I am just struggling so badly to lose weight. SW worked for me last year and I try to stick to its principles even though I'm now unable to go to a group but I'm not doing well.
I'm considering doing Diet Chef or similar. I live alone and waste away a scary amount on "popping into tesco" on the way home every night. It's £150 a month but that's for everything and I'm certain I waste considerably more than that on crap food at the moment. I also feel that £150 a month is a real investment, and I wouldn't want to sabotage it at all.

Has anyone got any experience of this working, or not?


Howhardcanitbe Wed 18-Nov-15 17:57:08


I've looked at Diet Chef in the past. I know it's quite different but I actually did a couple of weeks of Exante products last summer too (I would most definitely NOT recommend Exante or any other meal replacement plan, I was utterly miserable and Yes all the lost weight did return immediately). But when I looked at the cost of Diet Chef I decided to create my own plan using M&S packaged meals, supplemented with veg etc, alongside porridge-type breakfasts and fresh soups for lunch. It was considerably cheaper and I'm pretty sure the food I was having was nicer than the Diet Chef version. Maybe you could try that instead?

ClashCityRocker Wed 18-Nov-15 18:06:40

I thought you still had to buy all the fresh veg etc?

So what you actually get is not much more than a WW ready meal.

I've been thinking about it as it sounds so easy but decided against it in the end as didn't think it would teach me longer term healthy eating habits.

Dowser Thu 19-Nov-15 11:18:43

The longest journey starts with the smallest step. You are overwhelmed with the amount of weight you want to lose.

Get some Ainsworths Bach remedy called ELM for when you feel overwhELMed. Put 2 drops in a bottle of spring water with a dropper and take 4 drops four times a day.

Then slow and steady wins the race. I have a lot of respect for SW because it promotes healthy eating.

Fresh food as close to the plant or animal as possible. We had a meal last night. A bit of chicken, fried in a bit of oil, added garlic, sweet bell pepper, mushrooms, bit of salt and pepper,onions, bit of natural yogurt and boiled rice with peas and sweet corn stirred through. Took 20 mins. You could eat that couldn't you. Delicious!

Get your books out. Plan what you're going to have and shop accordingly. You can peel and chop mushrooms and freeze so you just need to get them out when you get in. Make two portions. Freeze the other one.

Success depends on focusing on the task ahead and planning for it. Coming home tired and hungry and bunging in a pizza is not the way forward. Then eating a doughnut because you feel guilty and think ...oh bugger it, will only compound the problem.

You can do this ;-)

Visualise yourself slim and successful.

I bought. A dress yesterday. Really pretty . Haven't had time to try it on yet. It's a 14 . I got it inthe sale , the only one. A £32 dress for a tenner. The joy when you can a bargain like that is a fantastic feeling.

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