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Mumsnet Mamas Week 20

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Demented Sun 16-May-04 20:06:42

Here's the thread for Week 20,
We're all losing plenty,
With summer coming in,
We'll all be looking slim!

glitterfairy Sun 16-May-04 20:21:58

HI Demented have done my measuring and sent them to you. It made the kids laugh anyway!

MadameButterfly Sun 16-May-04 21:31:30

Now I have joined WW online I intend to lose a bit more this week. I think I could have lost more last wee but it was that time of the month.

LunarSea Mon 17-May-04 11:32:22

Can I join you? As long as you promise not to announce what I weigh in public (far too embarrassing ).

Was a 16 pre-pregnancy (and realistically never likely to be any smaller unless anyone knows a way of making bones shrink too). But more like an 18 post ds, and after 2 and a half years of little opportunity for exercise thanks to an full-time+++ job and and an increasing amount of time spent commuting have taken their toll, it's become more like 18 on a good day - and the good days aren't happening so often either.

So time to do something about it...

The bad news is that I know it's the lack of exercise which is my problem, rather than the amount I eat - but as 100% of my time is spent either commuting, working or with ds in tow, there are limits to what I can do about that.

The good news is that I did surprise myself by managing to lose 7lbs from Sunday night to Thursday night last week, which is a good start, and for once dh hasn't (so far) started doing his usual sabotage trick of constantly offering me the things I'm trying to avoid.

Guess being forced to own up to what I've lost (or not) each week could be just the incentive I need to stick with it.

Lisa78 Mon 17-May-04 13:04:48

If you want to mail me your weight loss, I'll forward it to demented

MadameButterfly Mon 17-May-04 13:41:35


Welcome aboard.

Email our starting weight to Demented at

Then weigh yourself each Thursday or Friday monring and send you new weigh with any loss to her.

On friday night she posts the results, but only the amount lost not your asctual weight.

Demented Mon 17-May-04 14:16:49

Don't worry Lunarsea, I won't announce your weight, only the number of lbs lost. Welcome and well done on your first loss half a stone, fantastic!

juniper68 Mon 17-May-04 22:23:23

OMG My mum and sis came round tonight and they left me with loads of crackers and cheese

I'll be totally honest next weight in and u know who to blame.......yes me!

juniper68 Mon 17-May-04 22:24:42

well done lunarSea on losing 1/2 stone

bunnyrabbit Wed 19-May-04 09:46:53

Sooo what are the criteria for joining?

feezy Wed 19-May-04 10:11:13

Can I join too ? I'm 5ft6 and 101/2 stone and would love to be 9 stone. I don't know what diet to do and if I cut out cakes/biscuits/alcohol could probably lose some anyway. I would really love to feel slim and it would give me great confidence boost but I have major sweet tooth and I need to eat often otherwise I get the shakes.

Demented Wed 19-May-04 11:53:42

Just mail me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net with your starting weight, target weight (if any) then mail me every Thursday with your loss and it will be announced on Friday evening!

bunnyrabbit, there is no particular criteria for joining, we just aim to offer extra motivation and encouragement.

Lisa78 Wed 19-May-04 17:23:31

Bugger, bugger, bugger
Had a sneaky weigh in this morning and haven't lost anything again
I am back at work in 2.5 weeks and all my suits are a bit too tight (and I can't let Hula beat me )
Need emergency measures here ladies, what do you suggest?

Hulababy Wed 19-May-04 17:57:49

LOL Lisa - not convinced I am going to lose this week; another full weekend of socialising too much!

Lisa78 Wed 19-May-04 18:25:03

LOL all you like Hulababes, I am serious!! I need desperately to shift some weight, I can't stick at this forever! WHY WON'T IT GO?

bunnyrabbit Wed 19-May-04 21:55:17

Gave in a bought a new suit meself.... only one mind you... and have very few tops that fit. Now have to keep doing washes so I have enough clothes to wear. Have officially been trying to be good since Monday and refuse to buy any more fat clothes!!

I will mail you my starting weight demented


Hulababy Wed 19-May-04 21:58:39

How much more have you got to go Lisa? And by when?

Try keeping a food diary for a week and see if you can find any times when you are eating more than you thought you were. Or look at snack times - can you cut them out or just have 'no point' type snacks like carrot sticks, etc.

And what about exercise?

Demented Thu 20-May-04 16:37:59

Can somebody very sternly tell me to start counting points again, haven't done it for weeks and it shows, starting to feel a plateau coming on again!

juniper68 Thu 20-May-04 16:42:08

Lisa, do you eat white products (no I don't mean washer/freezer....) it's just that granary bread, brown rice and pasta burn calories faster. I think that diet is the GI diet?

I've been socialising way too much since buying a summerhouse so I won't have lost a jot either -in fact I feel I've gained

I'm going to do some exercise before tea tonight though.

juniper68 Thu 20-May-04 16:43:52

Demented, I order you to start counting points or else no more treats for you for a whole month!

MadameButterfly Thu 20-May-04 16:44:37


I joined WW online which has a tracker so every time I come onto the computer I just put in what I have eaten.

I have even plannedout the meals for the next week.

Hulababy Thu 20-May-04 17:56:38

Demented - start counting points!!!!

I have lost 0 this week again. It has be the down to the overkill atweekends. I am really good during the week but don't count and go a bit mad at weekends - especially recently!

Allegra Thu 20-May-04 21:17:25

Demented, think bikinis and get tracking those points!

Demented Thu 20-May-04 22:01:44

Thanks you guys, still not feeling strong though, DH took me out for a pub lunch this afternoon when DS1 was at nursery and I ate way too much, plus side is that they were so late in serving the lunch I haven't had any dinner. Thinking of joining WW online for their free trial (cancelling before the week is up), might be enough to get me motivated again?????

I think a social life is the problem, all good intentions go out the window when the BBQ comes out, the wine is opened then someone suggests ice cream, sigh!

I am 11st 8lbs, another 2lbs off and I would be in normal weight range. Problem is I feel fairly happy with the way I look now, clothed anyway and don't feel the same desperation to lose more but really should, at least get down to 11st, maybe even a couple of lbs under. Other problem is people are noticing my weight loss now (which is great) but I have been told a few times that I don't need or shouldn't lose any more, I know I should and I am certainly not going to look skelatal at 11st but there is now a wee voice in my head saying, "ach you're all right, dinnae worry about it".

Yes Allegra, you're right, bikinis, bikinis, bikins! Never worn one in my life before so it probably would be a challenge.

Anyway sorry for the ramble!

gothicmama Thu 20-May-04 22:13:07

Demented count points again - you are fab at giving me support pretend you are helping me and listen to all the gret things you have told me like count points!!!

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