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I don't know how best to lose weight for my wedding.

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liviadrusilla Mon 16-Nov-15 19:20:00


I feel a bit ridiculous posting this, but I would like to lose some weight for my wedding and I feel so confused about how best to do it. I don't think I really know what's healthy, except for plain salads, which don't fill me with joy at this time of year!

I'm currently size 12, about 10 and a half stone, and I would love to be a size 8/10 and more like 9 - 9 and a half stone. I cycle to work every day and I'm going to bootcamp once a week (advice welcome). My wedding is next July, but I'm in a wedding party next May with much thinner women and would like to be in better shape for that (and ideally earlier so I don't mess up wedding dress fittings).

The problem is I don't know what I should be eating. Should I be trying to low carb or low fat? I've been having Greek yogurt and honey for breakfast, and had porridge this morning, and then having meat (burgers, chicken) and baked sweet potato fries or casserole etc for dinner - does that seem ok? Is it better to have dairy or not? Is rice ok? Honestly I feel stupid but there seems to be so much conflicting advice. I've tried 5:2 and juicing but I think my weight has been steadily creeping since university.

Thank you in advance for any help.

fitzbilly Mon 16-Nov-15 19:23:45

Eat less and move more. If in doubt reduce the portion sizes. Be active. Good lucksmile

talkinpeace Mon 16-Nov-15 20:12:40

Cut out ALL snacks
Eat two or three times a day, definite meals with absolutely NOTHING in between except water, tea or coffee.
No grazing in the evening.

drink a pint of water whenever you think you are hungry

Try to have at least 4 alcohol free days per week
and treat any carbonated drink in the same category
so cutting right back on sugar

you may need to increase the protein content of your meals to last through from one to the next

but if you are in the habit of eating healthy meals with no crap in between
you'll lose weight

and cutting back the sugar will make your skin look fab for your wedding

liviadrusilla Mon 16-Nov-15 21:05:32

That's really, really helpful - thank you both. I definitely need clear guidelines!

OneFlewOverTheDodosNest Mon 16-Nov-15 21:29:02

I find My Fitness Pal to be a really good way to keep track of how many calories I'm eating. It's really easy to let little things slip and sneak over the rough daily limit on a regular basis (such as a can of pop). Logging everything I eat means I can't ignore those little things.

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