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Your top tips for starting a diet and getting through the first week please!

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Anantara Sun 15-Nov-15 10:38:44

Just what the title says, how do you get into the dieting zone and keep going, instead of giving up in the first few days. I'm perpetually starting, but can't seem to get into the swing of it. Don't have masses to lose, about 10lbs would be great. Thanks

AWONI Sun 15-Nov-15 20:41:26

Come and join us on the Lose 7lbs thread on style and beauty. We're doing all manner of diets - 5:2, calorie counting, slimming world, probably some other stuff I can't remember and supporting each other while we do it.

helentheheron Mon 16-Nov-15 06:22:35

Note-to-self on the fridge, getting in enormous quantities of whatever drink you are allowed limitless quantities of, post in the mumsnet group of your choice, make sure your meals are actually nice (&most importantly, filling), keep telling yourself that it will get easier.

Oh, and make sure the diet that you choose is actually feasible and workable for you (your body, your lifestyle etc). Take a while to work out which is best and think about it logically & dispassionately.. Don't just jump on the latest fad dirt in a whim because you are desperate to lose weight (I have don't this many many times!)

Good luck!

helentheheron Mon 16-Nov-15 06:26:03

And if you mess up and break the diet - forgive yourself, move on and keep at it. Don't punish yourself or restrict food later and don't give up!

troubleatmillcock Mon 16-Nov-15 14:18:57

Have low cal snacks on hand, such as veg sticks, fruit, cottage cheese, nuts, hard boiled eggs. Throw away all junk - chocolate, biscuits etc, simply do not have them in the house.

Drink loads of water and tea.

talkinpeace Mon 16-Nov-15 20:20:05

Put a picture on the fridge of you in your underwear now
and the last time you were at your target weight

decide what you want more : healthy weight or another biscuit

)))))) Snacks of any and all sorts (((((((
Get into the habit of eating meals with good gaps
grazing increases the risk of diabetes

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