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Fasting diets when breastfeeding?

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weeblueberry Thu 12-Nov-15 11:52:25

I did WW 4 years ago and lost six and a half stone so I could get pregnant.

Now, two babies later, I've gained about three and a half back and really want it gone! I'm still doing 4 feeds a day for my 7mo and have been trying the 16:8 where you only eat within 8 hours of the day. It seems to be working for me as it really only means I'm skipping breakfast but DP worries I won't have enough energy doing it to produce milk? I'm calorie counting within that eight hours and maybe adding in 300 calories for feeding (since I'm not exclusively feeding...)

I figured I'd give it a bash and see how I got on after a week/fortnight. Has anyone ever done this while BFing?

talkinpeace Tue 17-Nov-15 13:30:25

pop over to the main thread : BigChoc will clarify for you
but yes, we have several people who BF : their "fast" days are 750-1000 calories rather than 500 though

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