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Anyone on here signed up to SSS90 / lean in 15 / the body coach?

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sweetheart Wed 11-Nov-15 13:06:23

I've been watching the body coach on instagram and facebook for a while now and it seems to have absolutely fabulous results. I've had a few questions answered by the admin team but I'm wondering what it's really like to be on the plan and if it really is as successful as it seems or if it's just another bloody fad diet that will end up making me fatter in the long run.

Howhardcanitbe Thu 12-Nov-15 14:26:18


I tried the Body Coach diet but sadly didn't have much success. I didn't like the food - too much meat and ingredients that I wouldn't ever usually cook with, so it was all too much of an effort and I found it miserable. There's also a massive emphasis on lots of exercise. I already exercise 3 times a week at the gym and am very active, but this was another level.

I did however really like the concept of having a diet plan produced for me, and so I found a different one online, which was more personally produced for me (Diet Coach is a generic diet that all clients receive) and which also was not reliant on exercise. It includes foods that I specified that I enjoy, and it just feels less like an actual diet. I've been emailing them quite a lot with questions too and I like the accountability of updating my weight loss with them weekly. I've lost 10lbs so far in less than a month shock

So although I wouldn't recommend Body Coach, I think the concept is a good one and has been working very well for me. HTH

sweetheart Thu 12-Nov-15 14:33:06

I'm not put off by the exercise bit - I do a lot and enjoy it (for the most part) so that quite appeals to me. I like the idea of having a coach on hand all the time for moments of weakness.

I've read a lot about the amount of prep required etc. Can you tell me the sort of things that were included that you wouldn't have normally eaten? I have 2 (fussy) children to fit this around so it needs to work with the family rather than against it otherwise it's not going to stick.

Can I also ask how much the diet coach one you are doing is - how long it lasts etc?

Howhardcanitbe Thu 12-Nov-15 17:07:59

The meals were extremely meat-heavy - e.g. a beef and sausage stew, which were too heavy-going and hard to digest for me. Lots of things I hate like avocado, too much fish, spicy prawns, beef dripping, recipes which needed whey protein powders added to them, chia seeds, a truly vile lime and avocado smoothie confused, and lots of recommended supplements (from his Body Coach range). It's just personal taste though. I also don't want to eat 3 meals AND 2 snacks every day - especially when they consist of things I'm not too keen on. It was a large volume of food (which I thought would be good when dieting) but it wasn't enjoyable to plough through every day and I soon grew tired of it.

sweetheart Fri 13-Nov-15 09:32:45

Thanks how hard - one of the questions I asked the people was how much is this going to cost me on top of the plan with specific regards to supplements etc. I was told there was basically nothing and anything suggested was totally optional. Whey protein is not cheap! i also hate avacado.......hmm perhaps not so good as I was thinking. Could you tell me more about the plan you are on?

Howhardcanitbe Fri 13-Nov-15 13:46:43

Yes I found the food shopping much more expensive as I was making separate meals for me, but still shopping/cooking for the rest of the family too, even before all the extra ingredients and protein powders etc.

The plan I'm doing is from I paid £75 for my plan, but I think they've got a Christmas offer on at the moment so it's apparently now a bit cheaper angry.

For this I filled in quite a detailed questionnaire and they produced a 6-week plan incorporating the foods I specified (and more importantly, leaving out the ones I hate!), but they've said the plan can be used for longer than 6 weeks if I don't reach my goal in that time. When the 6 weeks are up they'll send me my maintenance plan to follow once I've lost all the weight I want.

As the plan was produced just for me, I imagine that other people's would be different depending on their specifications - but as a guide, mine is low sugar, 3 healthy meals a day, no snacking except 1 piece of fruit if I really need it (I don't have this any more but did for the first few days whilst I got used to it). They included quite simple recipes for my meals, like sausage casserole and shepherd's pie, which really suits me as they don't take forever to cook and everyone else in the family eats them too so I'm not having to make anything separate for me. It's really made me so much more organised with food shopping and planning what we're eating every day as a family and I'm so glad I started it as it's got me out of a rut of unhealthy snacking and disorganised last-minute grabbing of whatever's in the fridge. I suppose it just took the hassle out of wading through all the ever-changing diet advice too, as I know I'm eating a healthy, balanced diet now, which has kept me motivated.

Sorry I've rambled on massively blush - if you have any specific questions please feel free to ask me...

sweetheart Mon 16-Nov-15 09:00:20


No need to apologize for the rambling, it's all very useful information. Can I ask how long you've been on the plan and how much you've lost and how much you are aiming to loose? Also are you allowed alcohol on it?

Howhardcanitbe Mon 16-Nov-15 20:39:28

This is the start of week 5 for me (which I seriously cannot believe as I can NEVER stick to any sort of diet ever) and so far I've lost 11lbs, which I am overjoyed about. I'd like to lose about another 5-ish lbs, which would get me to my lowest adult weight in living memory shock

My plan specifies that alcohol should be 'avoided' for the initial 6 weeks, but I must confess to the odd sneaky glass of wine on a Saturday night and it hasn't affected things. I figure that I'm sticking to the plan all the rest of the time, and I'm losing weight every week, so for now I seem to be able to get away with it wink

ShazzyBey Tue 11-Oct-16 20:25:33

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