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ive had an eating disorder and need to lose weight

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trapdooragain Sun 08-Nov-15 07:14:49

im terrified im going to go too far i used to starve/take laxatives to lose weight then i got help and i was ok with my weight for a long time (so i thought) i then had an overactive thyroid and anytime i wanted to lose weight i would go off my meds and lose it but that doesn't work anymore and now i actually need to lose weight about a stone im scared im going to go to far ive no scales in my house so i dont weigh myself im scared of weighing myself i might set myself off again! shit what a mess but does anyone have any advice or experience with this? i have kids so i need to take better care of myself

Thefitfatty Sun 08-Nov-15 07:24:20

It's hard. I've struggled with eating disorders in the past, and things like calorie counting and weighing myself can be really triggering. I've had a hard couple of years, and like you I could probably lose about 2 stone. So what I'm doing now is focusing on exercise, but giving myself a time limit I'm not allowed to go past (I use to overexercise too), I'm doing a low carb/high fat diet at the moment (this is because I suffer from IBS and it's very similar to the FODMAP diet, but a bit more forgiving) because I don't have to weigh or count calories. And I'm trying to limit the amount of times I weigh myself. Preferably, I will just be going on how clothes feel and how I look and feel.

Most importantly, I'm really working on loving my body and loving how I look and feel, even if it's not "perfect." I'm trying to focus on this being about health, not getting a bikini perfect body or being runway model thin.

You can do it. smile

elDiabloEnMisZapatos Wed 11-Nov-15 10:28:39

hi, what's happening with your thyroid now, are you still seeing an endocrinologist and do they know about your ED history? I think you should see someone like a nurse at thyroid clinic or GP surgery or the GP who can check your actual weight, you can turn your back if it would upset you to know the numbers. It's really important to have someone understanding to talk to and to check your perspective. How can you know you 'need' to lose a stone if you don't know how much you weigh? We can convince ourselves we are fat when we are far from it. I think you need to get some support with this.

I have a history of desperate dietary habits and take carbimazole and struggle (where struggle means: very rarely take as prescribed) because I gained a stone with treatment for Graves disease. I cried for ages about being a stone overweight but I wasn't anywhere near being overweight. The excess thyroid hormones are so destructive, they slice through muscle as well as fat, in fact I lost more lean mass than fat before it was picked up and treated. They can thin the bones and make us nervous, irritable and explosive to be around. My mum even had a stroke because her overactive thyroid went undetected (and so untreated) for so long.

elDiabloEnMisZapatos Wed 11-Nov-15 10:40:37

oh and there are only 3 macronutrients (proteins carbs fats) and your body needs each of them especially when it has so much repair work to do so please don't reduce or cut any of them out unless your consultant or GP advises you otherwise, I don't know about you but fatigue is my biggest obstacle with the overactive thyroid and it is difficult to maintain daily activity without carbs

you could try posting this again in general health where there are some knowledgeable thyroid people?

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