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I can't seem to loose that last 4 kg. What am I doing wrong?

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ErnesttheBavarian Sun 01-Nov-15 14:17:26

Please help!! I'm now bang on 60 kilos. Would like to be 56 ish. Cannot get under 60 for love nor money.

I do not drink alcohol. I do not eat sweets. I do not eat anything with gluten, so no bread, cakes, pasta. Etc.

I think i am reasonably active and have a dog so walk her every day and am on my feet pretty much all day in my job.

I genuinely do not understand why I am over what I want to be and how to drop the 4 kilos.

I do have hypothyroidism but am on med for it. When I was eating sweets I got up to 67 kilos. Over a long time I have lost 7. Bit cannot get under and stay under. I think low card works well for me esp in terms of appetite control. I use MFP and have a fitbit.

Any tips for losing and keeping off the last 4?

SmellTheGlove Sun 01-Nov-15 19:14:56

Do you actually need to lose it? In terms of BMI I mean, not just wanting to be slimmer because you prefer to be a certain size/weight? I'm really struggling with the last 10lbs I want to lose, but that is just to get me into a 'healthy' bmi of 25. If you are already slim I think those last few pounds can be really hard to shift, especially if you are past 40! (Which I am unfortunately!). Are you logging every tiny thing you eat on MFP? I know I am not being as accurate at the moment, maybe that is the case for you too?

ErnesttheBavarian Sun 01-Nov-15 21:22:23

I'm right at the top end of healthy weight. Half a kilo and I'm in the red for bmi. I am really short so not slim and yes. Really need to lose it! I was great with MFP then went on holiday. Came back pretty unscathed and then promptly gainedconfused and haven't shifted what I gained. And not got back into MFP.

Ok tomorrow I try again. School holidays not an ideal time.

TalkinPease Sun 01-Nov-15 22:10:11

What is your TDEE (sedentary) ?
What is your TDEE at ideal weight?
Are you eating within your TDEE - averaged across the week ?

and remember if calories counting in any way shape or form, never ever add exercise calories back into your allowance

ErnesttheBavarian Mon 02-Nov-15 08:40:00

I think it's 1600 vs 1200 or something. Not loads. I guess I need to get back on mfp. I look at what I eat and genuinely don't see where I'm going wrong. Maybe I'm just getting on a bit. The 60k mark seems to be an impossible barrier 5o stay under. I've managed to dip down to 58 but never manage to stay more than a couple of weeks before I'm back above 60. Frustrating.

TalkinPease Mon 02-Nov-15 13:17:32

Are you very short?
As chances are you are over eating for your frame.

The only way to enjoy eating and be as lean as you wish is to go
high protein
high nutrient
low sugar
and to save as many of your calories as possible for one or two nice meals per day

ErnesttheBavarian Mon 02-Nov-15 22:39:28

Yes I am short. I don't have sugar I don't think. I am trying to stick to the 2 meals a day. Once I get I to it it's fine, but if I get out of it, I pile on the weight really quickly. But I can't seem to break the magical 60 barrier. And given my height it is a lot. My ideal weight is more like 50 kilos but I doub t I'd ever get close.

TalkinPease Tue 03-Nov-15 18:27:01

I wonder whether 5:2 might be the trick for you - as it allows enjoyment of food with a much smaller calorie intake

also, how much water do you drink in a day?

goodnessgraciousgoudaoriginal Thu 12-Nov-15 15:22:16

If you have got that far with your eating, then it sounds like you need to up the intensity of the exercise you are doing. Being on your feet and walking the dog are obviously better than sitting on the sofa, but they aren't exactly big calorie burners.

Maybe try doing something a little more intense, and incorporating some resistance training as well. Increasing muscle mass is better for improving metabolism, and is important to help prevent osteoporosis.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 12-Nov-15 16:12:59

A residential bootcamp did it for me. Basically sent my metabolism into overdrive through stupid amounts of exercise. I'd been stuck at the same weight for ages and couldn't lose the last 5 lbs.

I lost it but also massively toned up, and my diet was already good enough to maintain the loss until I got pregnant anyway

It was about £1200 for a week so a fairly expensive solution but it was pre kids and I had a week to kill between jobs and was getting married so it all seemed like a good plan. I'd do it again if I could spare the cash and the time but DH reckons that pays for a lot of twice weekly personal training which is also true.

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 17-Nov-15 14:45:44

I am in the same boat, exactly 60kg this morning, and would like to be 56ish. I suspect you eat the right amount of calories for your hight/exercise levels to stay at 60kg. Try eating less and move more, high intensivity training and weight training would probably help.

I've previously lost babyweight in two ways 1) MFP and 2) combining 5:2 with lowcarbing. Latter was quicker.

I have decided to do a 30 day personal bootcamp starting today, to try and get closer to 56kg. I will weigh myself every other day and the last day is 15.12. Want to join me? It might help seeing the other one losing weight from exactly the same starting point, and see where we'll get to by 15.12. ??

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 17-Nov-15 14:48:04

And whatever method you fancy is fine. I will reduce snacking, eat less and drink less wine! Like you, I eat healthy most of the time, I just eat/snack too much for the weight I want to be at.

sylviassecrets Thu 26-Nov-15 08:46:06

I am in exactly the same boat. Over the past 18 months I have lost over 20kg and am now bang on 60kg and have been stuck at this for weeks. I am not tall and ideal weight would be 52kg but would be happy at 55kg. Am doing high protein, low fat, low carb and plenty of weight training with a little cardio. Try to keep calories under 1300 but do fall off the wagon. Have got to 59kg a few times but cannot stay there!

Hihellohi Sun 29-Nov-15 12:53:45

Hi everyone, can I join this discussion too.
This is how I feel. Stuck at 60kg - I'm doing weight training and cardio with a personal trainer. I eat really well and she is baffled as to how I'm not losing any weight. It's really getting me down.

sylviassecrets Sun 13-Dec-15 17:16:19

Finally the scales have moved to and stayed at 59kg for a week!! Hoping for a big push to get to 58kg before Xmas.

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