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The Glorious Food diet. :)

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CheesyNachos Thu 29-Oct-15 14:34:52

Okay, so here is the thing.I need to lose 3 stone. My eating 'history' is of crash dieting. Slimming Clubs. Fairly entrenched bulimia. Food fears.

I am tired of all that. I want to eat really well. Eat amazing gorgeous food. With an emphasis on 'real' food. Strong leaning towards a so-called 'Mediterranean' approach where the focus is on eating well and emphatically not dieting.

I have been struggling with my weight for35 years. Now I want to noruish my body and my soul.

I do not care how long it takes for me to lose 3 stone.... my focus is on health and dealing with my very fear-filled relationship with food.

Anyone wish to join me?

Today's menu plan;

B - homemade rhubarb compote with greek yoghurt, honey and walnuts. A boiled egg.

L - vegetable soup made with cannelini beans, fresh tomatoes, chicken stock, fresh spinach, onions and celery with a slice of crusty bread.

D - salmon smeared with pesto baked in the oven, greek salad.

P- baked apples and raisons with honey.

I do not drink alcohol which is a help and I generally do not have a sweet tooth.

I'd like to be 9 stone by summer next year- currently 12 stone and barely 5 ft.

CheesyNachos Thu 29-Oct-15 14:36:23

the '9 stone by next summer' is not set in stone.Just a hope. smile

helenahandbag Thu 29-Oct-15 15:17:01

I need to lose about 3 stone as well, and I've been trying to focus on eating well, no dieting and minimal snacking. My "history" with food sounds the same as yours but I'm 25 and refuse to live like this forever! Sadly I do have a massively sweet tooth so it's always a bit of a struggle.


B: Bacon and potato scone roll with brown sauce (whoops!)

L: Tuscan chicken and orzo soup, one slice of seeded bread to dip, some grapes, mango and some cooked chicken breast to pick at

D: TBD - I'm working 9-5 then at college 6-9 sad

S: Full fat yoghurt with a sprinkle of granola

CheesyNachos Thu 29-Oct-15 15:23:00

Good for you helena smile I am 42 and cannot bear to waste another second of my life dieting and being afraid of food.

My DM is nearly 70 and is still in the bingeing/starvation cycle I am trying to overcome also.

helenahandbag Thu 29-Oct-15 15:41:36

It's scary how it works its way through the family like that. My mum is 51 and in the same binge/starve cycle that she has been in since the 80's. My granny is 81 and eats like a sparrow, and my mum says that she remembers her constantly on diets, starving herself and then keeping the "nice" food from the kids to binge on later.

HairsprayQueen Thu 29-Oct-15 15:47:25

Yes. I have more to lose but my relationship with food is so messed up. I've been in every diet imaginable. I feel like a terrible role model for my children. I binged today and I have to break this cycle before I really fuck up my health and my kids view of normal.

I would just really like to enjoy a normal portion of good quality food, 3 times a day without worrying that it's not got the right macros or obsessively counting calories so that I am not depriving myself and undoing any progress I make going crazy on food when a diet 'isn't working'. And then waiting for Monday to start the next wonder diet I've thought up.

comeagainforbigfudge Thu 29-Oct-15 15:53:26

I'll join you.

14st10 and 5ft7

Also have an atrocious history with food. Carbs and sweets and fizzy juice are my go to foods. They are not my friends sad

I have a 5 month old and have 7lbs to go to get to pre-baby weight. Ideally would like to get to 11st. And make sure that my DD learns to eat well and doesn't develop the dreaded sweet tooth.

So far today

B - 2 slices of thick bread with ham
S - raspberry donut (unnecessary and wasn't even that nice)
L - large bowl of homemade scotch broth
D - shredded chicken thingy (oh is making it hence why I don't know what it will be exactly)

Working my way through 2l of water. Getting hungry now though so once I've fed DD I think I'll try and distract myself with a cup of tea grin

helenahandbag Thu 29-Oct-15 15:58:49

Oh, I should have said - I'm 5' 5" and 14st 10lbs. Initial goal is 12st.

Difficultdora Thu 29-Oct-15 17:19:24

I so love your diet Cheesy! I have been eating better/cleaner since last August and am now 10 kg lighter. I don't snack now between meals and find it easy as I am really anticipating my next lovely meal. I have cut down on carbs and fats and increased veg and protein. I won't go too low on the carbs as I have found that it affects my sleeping. I decided that as I had to lose weight and it would take some time that I was going to enjoy the process. DH is very happy as he loves the meals as well. I have been cooking things which are different using lots of fresh herbs and trying unusual pulses and meats. I decided that I would not ban any food but if it's very high in calories then I'll make sure that I am v careful with the portion size. This is the first time that I have managed to control my eating without any bingeing and I am v excited about it.

Octopus37 Thu 29-Oct-15 20:59:04

Cheesy, your diet sounds great and you sound as if you are doing great.

CheesyNachos Fri 30-Oct-15 06:42:59

Good morning! Thanks everyone for replying. smile Thanks for the support Octopus smile Hairspray I also want to finish with bingeing. It makes me so miserable. My aunt is bulimic and anorexic, my mother is bulimic and obese. I am bulimic (although I have not vomited for months- an improvement!). I also just want to eat good food that is healthy and stop the terrible obsession.

Great to see you also comeagain. Congrats on your baby! Dora your approach is exactly what I am aiming for!

We had such a lovely dinner last night..... the salmon was really good and it felt luxurious to have pudding. I am not a big fan of apples but love them baked!

Today's plan;

B - boiled egg, slice of cheese, greek yoghurt with nuts and honey
L- smoked salmon salad with lots of smoked salmon!
D - roast chicken legs with fennel. I plan to also roast the fennel with olive oil and lemon. Plus wilted spinach and roasted tomatoes.
P- baked apples again!

Drinks- lots of water with lemon juice and herbal teas.

None of the above feels like 'dieting' or 'restricting' in any way!

comeagainforbigfudge Fri 30-Oct-15 09:16:03

Goodness CheesyNachos given your family history I think you're doing marvellous! It's no easy thing trying to change decades worth of thinking one way that's for sure.

On the plus side, your meal plans sound lovely. I was very jealous of your salmon and pesto.

Out for lunch today. Need to make sensible choices but it all depends on where we go.

B - toast and ham
L- we'll see grin
D - slow cooked sausage casserole with roasters, veg and possibly a yorkie pudding not dog (That may depend on what I have for lunch)
Drinks - aiming for two litres of water

Hopefully no snacks and NO CHOCOLATE. Had 3 chocolate orange segments last night. Because they were available. Bah!

Have a good day

helenahandbag Fri 30-Oct-15 15:10:02

Afternoon everyone. Yesterday fell apart with a bag of crisps, a Yorkie and a giant oatmeal raisin cookie blush

Moving on!

B: Protein shake (I was running late, had to drive OH to work as his lift is off sick)

L: Subway 6" sandwich, yoghurt, fruit

D: Sausage and mustard mash with gravy

S: Latte - my Friday treat smile

CheesyNachos Fri 30-Oct-15 15:22:50

Mmmmmmm....... sausages.......

sausage casserole - might include that this weekend! Yum!

comeagainforbigfudge Fri 30-Oct-15 19:21:03

Only had a chicken caesar bagel (as I never got the fries that normally come with it) for lunch so having Yorkshire pud tonight.

But that is a lot of carbs. Hmmmm I think a bit of tracking my food is in order then see what needs to be added in or reduced. Going to aim for sensible portions. No depriving myself as that's where I fail.

helenahandbag Fri 30-Oct-15 19:35:07

DP made a couple of peri peri pork steaks to go with his sausages and I fancied one, but I took two bites, decided I didn't really fancy it then put my fork down. This is unprecedented! Normally I'd just eat it anyway because it was there.

I'm quite proud!

Parsley1234 Fri 30-Oct-15 19:53:46

Sounds like me ex bulimic been not for 20 years but disordered relationship with food which I am scared of passing onto my son. Have signed up to body coach and am making a food plan from there for next week it seems such a waste to spend life stressed about food which should be lovely. I see, to have no faith in being able to plan meals shop exercise everything I get overwhelmed but I guess with small steps it might be possible x

JasperDamerel Fri 30-Oct-15 20:07:56

I've been thinking of doing stuff along similar lines. I've put on a huge amount of weight over the past 18 months (am awaiting the results of my thyroid test) and now have a BMI of 30 and can feel it affecting my health. For the first time, losing weight feels like it's to do with health and self-care rather than vanity, and I'm hoping that that will make a difference.

I'm still on this week's food plan/fridge contents, but will be eating gloriously from next week.

I'm thinking of breakfasts along the lines of fruit, Greek yoghurt and seeds, or porridge with apples and cinnamon, or poached eggs on wholemeal toast with asparagus or spinach.

Lunch might be leftovers from dinner, or some sort of soup, or eggs and a salad, or my emergency store cupboard lunch of Waitrose picante sardines in pitta bread with cucumber, tomatoes and olives.

Donge13 Fri 30-Oct-15 20:17:05

May I join in ? Will menu plan ready for shopping on Monday

Blodss Fri 30-Oct-15 20:22:51

I stopped dieting about 15 years ago. I read a book on mindful eating and it made me cry. I started eating the food I really loved and evolved to where I am today. I now eat really clean and really think about what I put into my body as its got to nourish me as well as tasting amazing.

HairsprayQueen Fri 30-Oct-15 20:31:36

This just came up in my apple news feed and felt oh so familiar!

Good day then poor choice this evening. I'll live, learn, move on and not obsess.

lastqueenofscotland Fri 30-Oct-15 20:48:50

I will join this! smile

lastqueenofscotland Fri 30-Oct-15 20:50:01

Oops should have said 9'9 and 5'7" hopping to get down to 9 flat by my bday in ten weeks. But more than anything to eat better. I'm a distance runner wondering why my times aren't getting any better when my fuel is junk food.

helenahandbag Sat 31-Oct-15 12:34:53

Morning everyone! 14st 8.5 this morning, down 1.5lbs in the last few days smile

B: Stewed apple with full fat yoghurt and a handful of muesli, coffee

L: Cod with red thai glaze and boiled rice, mango

D: Baked potato with beans and cheese

comeagainforbigfudge Sat 31-Oct-15 17:11:13


Well today is not going to end a good day. So far had:

B - small oat bar
L - chicken sandwich with chips (lunch out again)
Snacks - a mini crunchier and 2 moam sweets

Dinner will be breaded fish with chips and mushy peas (OH'S choice)

The problem is that he bought a shitload of sweets for trick or treaters. (Which in the two years of being here we never had a single one!!) So my poor poor self control is going to be tested on a major level now shock


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