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restarting Slimming World. Help with motivation please.

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sodonewithit Sun 25-Oct-15 18:22:16

I joined SW in January and lost 15lb over 4 months which was half way to target. I went on holiday lost motivation so stopped going and have since put all the weight back on. I'm determined to rejoin this week and get back on track but am feeling fairly demotivated already. Please tell me your success stories to encourage me.

I'm tired of feeling fat, I'm tired of my clothes not fitting, I want to be me again!

sodonewithit Sun 25-Oct-15 21:46:36


Cambam2010 Tue 27-Oct-15 16:40:10

I have a long SW journey :-( I have been doing it for 2.5 years (this time round). I have lost 3.5 stone but during the time I have lost pounds, then gained them, then lost them and so on. This is my 3rd attempt at SW and the one thing that has kept me going this time is to keep going to the group. I know that if I stop going before I get to my target then I will put it back on again.

Return to your group - no-one will judge you for regaining what you previously lost. We have all been there. Set yourself a realistic goal and chip away at it slowly. There is a lovely lady that goes to my group and in 14 months she has lost 10st 4lb. it does work but you have to keep at it.

Good luck

tabulahrasa Mon 02-Nov-15 08:53:19

I lost 8 stones over 2 years with slimming world.

Go back, you can do it and plenty of people have a few false starts or stall for a while, just get back on the wagon.

Pamsie Mon 02-Nov-15 09:08:43

I'm in exactly the same situation as you Sodonewithit. I am hoping to join another group tonight as I am too ashamed to back back to my old one having put on all the weight that I lost over the last few months.
Good luck with it and I really think that stayinng in group is half the battle.

frenchfancy81 Mon 09-Nov-15 10:31:38

Search Slimming World and Food Optimising on Instagram; so much inspiration!

ZoeConnor85 Mon 09-Nov-15 15:33:13

I'm going to start following the slimming world plan again tomorrow. I lost quite well when I went to group but I can't commit to a group now because it's too far away and I live in a very rural area with no public transport hmm seriously need to learn how to drive!! But I desperately want to lose the weight as I have arthritis in my knees and I hope it would make a massive difference

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