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Gastric Band Advice

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Theirnotallbastards Sat 17-Oct-15 09:05:55

Hello, having tried all sorts and now having a lot of weight to move I am giving some serious thought to gastric band surgery. So has anyone had one? any reccomendations on who to go to? How well has it worked? Side effects ? TIA!

Slimslimslim47 Sat 17-Oct-15 14:05:14

HI - I had one 8 years ago and lost 7 stone, but in the past few years it crept back on and due to an illness i had the restriction removed and now it isn't working for me - i considered going back and getting it retightened but then i saw the Alevere thread and investigated that more and decided to go down that route to loose the weight i regained and change the way i ate - i didn't find the band did that it just made me eat less and when i wanted an energy rush i just had chocolate smoothies.... but if we want we will always find a way to cheat a diet sad

Gastric bands are ok but to be honest you loose lots of the initial weight in the first 6 six as you are on a three drinks a day diet - VVL calorie, for three weeks before the band was fitted i had the drinks and soups and i think i lost a stone then.... the surgery takes some getting over and it will depend how old you are and your ability to bounce back from surgery. I was lucky i had mine in a UK clinic in London and the Doctor and staff were amazing and very supportive. but it was over 2 hours from my home to the clinic and in the first year of getting the band tightened and check up this was a problem as i couldn't get there as often as i wanted so my weight loss was slower - consider how far the clinic you are using is away from you and if you want to keep popping back what does that mean to your day. Use a clinic which has a two or three year after care package to really get the best you want to be able to have the band tightened reach your goal and the stabilise and gradually have the band relaxed to a point your can stay the weight you want but eat out and not feel so restricted.

The area on my stomach where the port is has always been sensitive to pressure and is uncomfortable if anyone pokes or proves - massage or doctors check up - but i am quiet sensitive on massages anyway.

If you have more questions then let me know and i will do my best to answer - everyone has a view and you are doing the right thing getting all the information and then making your choice based on your lifestyle.

Good luck

Theirnotallbastards Tue 27-Oct-15 18:29:43

Hi, thanks for this can I ask were you able to eat what you want just very small portions or was their restrictions as to what you could consume? Also, when you have a fill is that your day out (as in do you not feel well) or are you able to fill and get on? Thanks for your kind response!

Slimslimslim47 Tue 27-Oct-15 19:37:48

I could eat bread and haven't starchy food, bread would just stick above the band and I would end up in pain and being a bit sick. Every time you have a band fill you need to let your stomach adjust and you are recommended to have a liquid diet again for three days. My biggest issue is I drink a lot when I eat and his makes the band almost useless as you just wash the food straight through.
Go to a clinic which offers good aftercare and use it all the time as that is what will get you through.sorry some of my other post didn't make sense it was supposed to say for three weeks before and three weeks after you are on the liquid diet and then you have food after that. You can stretch your stomach again above the band if you continue to overeat.
I was 18.5 when I had it fitted and went down to 12. Over the past four years it has crept back up to 15 and now I have taken a different route to loose the weight and hopefully reset my matabolisum which is low after years of yoyo diets and vvlc liquid diets.

You also need to consider how long you have been overweight and if your skin will be saggy after and what the clinic offer to help you with this as you don't really want to be considering skin removal surgery on top of everything else.

Good luck with your journey and just ask any questions


Slimslimslim47 Tue 27-Oct-15 19:40:28

Should have said band fill is pretty quick and easy, they prefer you not to have eaten a couple of hours before you go in. Once done its to sit for ten minutes and you can go once you can drink a cup of water and feel it going down/ through. Then back to your normal day...

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