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VashtaNerada Thu 08-Oct-15 05:12:19

I know what I need to do - eat less, exercise more - but I'm just not bloody doing it. I keep playing stupid mind games with myself, saying "oh it's just one biscuit" or "I'll exercise tomorrow" and then only realise the impact of what I've done later. I have a very busy job with lots of travel and young DC so any diet that needs planning or cooking from scratch just doesn't work for me, WW seems to be the only realistic option as I'm often eating on the go. But I'm not really sticking to it if I'm honest.
Has anyone tried hypnosis? I'm London-based and could go visit someone (reputable!) or I could go down the Paul McKenna route. Does anyone have success stories or tips?

CadiM Thu 08-Oct-15 21:38:03

I've had success with Paul McKenna in the past, both with watching his TV series (that was on a few years ago though) and the hypnosis downloads. I've recently been listening to a Max Kirsten download and it seems to have taken effect but subtly: I realised after a week or so that I was craving healthy food, particularly colourful veg, and rejecting sweets, biscuits etc. without using "willpower". The main Kirsten download is longer than the McKenna one but I felt the hypnotic effect was deeper, if that's the right term. But I also seem to have gone off meat: I think I'm now a hypnotised vegetarian....

VashtaNerada Thu 08-Oct-15 23:10:01

Ooh interesting! I'll have a look for Max Kirsten. I just need to give it a go really, don't I? It can't do any harm! (As long as I don't end up stripping my clothes off and leaping on the table every time a certain song plays on the radio or anything confused)

laurao12 Wed 21-Oct-15 12:22:03

Hypnotherapy for weight loss works! It can achieved in a just a few sessions. There is a fantastic hypnotherapist who uses a brand new method he is based near London in Colchester called Stuart Thompson. He has a website.

harryhausen Wed 21-Oct-15 12:51:06

I believe it can work. About 8 years ago I tried Paul McKenna and lost half a stone very easily. Then I moved house, got mega stressed, had a baby etc and I stopped listening.

I tried it again over the years but didn't commit to it.

There's an app called The Easyloss virtual gastric band with a great Facebook support page. Over the years I've literally seen amazing weightloss results. However, once again I've never stuck with it.

However, it has messed with my head in the way that I can't go back to 'diets' either. I think deep down I believe it works however you gave to put the conscious work in yourself - the hypnosis is there to give you that extra boost and under lying confidence.

Might try another one thoughgrin

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