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Could having a really hot bath for ages be a shortcut to doing exercise?

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StitchesBurstinBath Tue 29-Sep-15 16:47:06

If you make the bath to hot to be really comfortable in (but obviously not hot enough to burn you) and then put all of your head except eyes, nose and mouth under- you can hear your heart RACING. If its unworkable to go jogging is this a good alternative? It does play murder with complexion though.

suzannecaravan Tue 29-Sep-15 16:56:00

nope, sorry not in the slightest

patterkiller Tue 29-Sep-15 16:59:06

The only muscle that would be working faster and harder is your poor heart. So no, silly idea.

VulcanWoman Tue 29-Sep-15 17:03:59

Put your blood pressure up too.

suzannecaravan Tue 29-Sep-15 17:05:52

if jogging is unworkable there are lots of other forms of exercise OP smile

StitchesBurstinBath Tue 29-Sep-15 18:41:58

The only muscle that would be working faster and harder is your poor heart

Is that not a good thing? Heart disease is a killer so is it not good to exercise your heart? I'm quite heavy and people smirk when they see me jogging.

VulcanWoman Tue 29-Sep-15 18:44:22

What about walking more, I went down 3 clothes sizes by doing loads of walking.

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Tue 29-Sep-15 18:46:20

What??! Having a bath is classed as exercise now? hmm

If you are self-conscious about jogging, then walk. There is nothing that says you must jog.

WeAreEternal Tue 29-Sep-15 18:57:50

I'm not entirely sure I believe this is a serious thread.

StitchesBurstinBath Tue 29-Sep-15 19:14:15

I promise this is a serious thread.
The only time my heart beats fast is when I take a really hot bath. My heart at least gets a bit of exercise and also I'd imagine I'd burn calories as my body tried to cool my body down. Surely that has to count for something?
Surely I am less likely to get heart disease for putting myself through this discomfort?

Creatureofthenight Tue 29-Sep-15 19:19:55

Are you for real?
No, a hot bath is not a substitute for exercise.

StitchesBurstinBath Tue 29-Sep-15 19:26:23

but it must count for something? I dont mean a luxury bath with scented candles. I mean like an endurance bath where you force yourself to stay in even though you are uncomfortable for about an hour or even longer. I know it does not make my legs stronger like jogging.
But my heart rate goes up.
I sweat more (and for ages when I get out of the bath)
I breath more heavily.
Surely it does some good. BTW- i want to lose weight, but this post is not JUST about that. It was a general health query .

BondGate Tue 29-Sep-15 19:28:46

I'm no expert, but this really does not sound healthy.

yumyumpoppycat Tue 29-Sep-15 19:29:47

Endurance bathing, maybe they should enter that in the olympics along with bridge grin

In all seriousness I think ice baths are supposed to do something but not hot baths.

DPotter Tue 29-Sep-15 19:38:36

Sorry Stitch - just because your heart is pumping fit to burst it doesn't mean you're getting any exercise. It's the same as if someone came up behind you and went 'BOO!' really loudly - that would make your heart beat fast - but it isn't exercise. It's because the effects of atherosclerosis isn't just in the heart muscle but throughout the body. And if you're like me and more of an apple shape, we have to loose the fat from around the abdomen to reduce pressure on the heart.

Walking briskly for 20 mins at least 3 times per week to begin with and then increasing the time is good solid exercise for all the muscles in the legs, arms, back. You need to walk at a speed where you are slightly breathless but can still hold a conversation. You do not have to sweat or go bright red in the face. Look out for local health walking groups - they're free and friendly and safe as well if you're a bit nervous about getting out of the house.

Getting fit takes time but not mega amounts of time. And remember - coz this is a bummer - muscle weighs more than fat so your body will be more toned, but you might not lose as much as you feel you should. Good luck !

suzannecaravan Tue 29-Sep-15 19:46:57

watch a scary film instead maybe?

suzannecaravan Tue 29-Sep-15 19:50:06

watch a scary film in the bath, or sauna, you'll sweat, your heart will beat faster and you might even be a bit out of breath

so just like running really

Nonnainglese Tue 29-Sep-15 19:52:17

All it'll do is wreck your skin drying it out and you'll emerge looking like a prune....not a good look.
Your skin will be prone to chafing, eczema-like skin reactions including infections because you've destroyed the oils, premature ageing etc.

By all means carry on if this is the look you're keen on hmm

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