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Calling all low-carbers and 5:2 dieters - request for dissertation help please

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SongforSunshine Thu 17-Sep-15 18:17:28

I am a long-time MNer and I am currently doing my dissertation for my degree in Food Science and Technology at Cardiff Met University on dietary analysis.

I will be comparing the government's healthy eating guidelines with what people on low carb (high fat and high protein versions) and 5:2 fasting diets are eating, looking at overall energy intake and quantities of protein, fat, carbs and various vitamins and minerals, to see whether there are any potential nutrient deficits and health benefits for following these diet plans rather than following the government's dietary advice.

I am asking if people following these diet plans will undertake a three-day (consecutive days) dietary recall which I will then analyse using a dietary analysis tool There are also a few questions about height/weight/weight-loss, etc. at the start of the dietary recall.

If you are doing the fasting diet please include one day which is a fast day and for all dieters please include one weekend for the recall.

If you provide me with your email address (asked for at the start of the dietary recall) I will send you the results of your dietary analysis which will include overall energy intake, macronutrient proportions (fats, carbs, protein) and about 20 micronutrients. All information will be anonymous and used only for this study.

If you would like to take part the link for the dietary recall is

I am currently just doing the pilot for my data collection at the moment so any feedback would be gratefully received.

Thank you smile

BigChocFrenzy Tue 22-Sep-15 21:33:59

If you haven't had sufficient replies, I suggest post this in the Fastng Topics

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