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Has anyone lost weight in their fifties?

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WhoAteMyToast Thu 17-Sep-15 11:30:08

Think I am peri-menopausal - do I have any hope of losing a stone? I am at the top end of normal in terms of BMI (ie not overweight, but hate being this weight).

I exercise, walk a lot, but don't have much time for more exercise.

grannycake Thu 17-Sep-15 11:35:38

I put on a lot of weight in the menopause but just couldn't lose it. I started 5:2 in February 2013 and lost 21lbs over 18 months and now still follow this way of eating to maintain. Have been 8 stone now for most of this year - apart from Christmas and holidays. I will be 60 in 6 months so it can be done. Good luck

ErrolTheDragon Thu 17-Sep-15 11:46:48

Yes - I was similar to you - slightly over normal BMI. I started 5:2 about 2.5 years ago aged 52, and also began doing various Jillian Michaels DVDs. (I sometimes do tabata sets or weights instead). So now I'm over a stone lighter and a lot fitter.

Like Granny, I find 5:2 easy to stick to - it's very flexible. If you're interested, there's always a support thread (I've not been on it for a while).

TwmSionCati Thu 17-Sep-15 11:52:05

yes I am nearly 51 and am slimmer now than ever before.
I did my own version of 5:2, and also had to go hungry a bit last winter.
Not a bad thing, most of us eat too much. You need to get in touch with what real hunger feels like.
In addition I have recently started a daily dose of Cider Vinegar, which helps.

WhoAteMyToast Thu 17-Sep-15 23:32:23

Hmmm, maybe I should try that then. I'm wondering what the best days to eat less would be ... What does everyone find?

ErrolTheDragon Thu 17-Sep-15 23:38:54

There's no fixed rule - I usually do Mondays and Thursdays. But this week I was on holiday on Monday so I did tues and will do tomorrow.

As I said, I would recommend you take a look at the support thread - even if you don't join in, there's always a wealth of good advice and useful links in the OP.

Good luck, whatever you decide - you can do it. smile

WhoAteMyToast Fri 18-Sep-15 09:07:16

Thank you smile

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