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A week in and feel flu-y. Normal right?

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I have about 3 stone to lose and started last Monday, cut out ALL sugar, started drinking lots of water, taking vitamins, eating a lot of protein and veg, etc. etc. I had the worst headache Monday evening and I think this was sugar withdrawal...I've always had a lot of sugar in my tea and coffee as well as having a sweet tooth.

A week later I'm feeling like I've maybe lost a lb or 2 (haven't weighed myself to confirm) but I definitely feel less bloated and just "lighter," like I'm not weighed down by the shit I was putting in my belly!

Anyway, woke up this morning with the beginnings of a sore throat and I feel on the edge of a cold...which is annoying! I'm not doing this just for weightloss but for overall better health. I was struggling to breathe and was getting heart palpitations so I've really upped the antioxidants in my diet and started having vitamin C and Co-Q10 supplements daily.

Is this a normal thing? My friend who is lost a lot of weight recently said "it's your body's way of detoxing" but it might just be a coincidence. Anyone experience something similar?

Moochops89 Mon 14-Sep-15 17:02:59

Hi Saga, I'm at exactly the same point as you, cut out everything bad for me, mostly just eating meat and veg. I had terrible caffeine withdrawal headaches around weds (day 3) but already feel much healthier and less bloated. I have woken up with a sore throat the last two mornings but feel otherwise ok. Your friend might have a point, I've made MASSIVE changes to my diet and my body is probably protesting a bit grin

Ooh MooChops nice to know we've started at the same time! Are you on a support thread on here? I haven't joined one yet as I'm afraid I'll be crap at updating my progress but I am SOOO determined this time around. Even DH is amazed at my commitment as he's seen me start (and fail!) at diets a few hundred times. grin It may just be that then, hopefully will feel better in a couple of days.

I've NEVER just completely quit sugar before...when I did WW I used Splenda but it didn't give me these dramatic feelings of "OMG my body is feeling good!" like this has. I think sugar has a lot to answer for. I'm also eating protein and veg for the most part and porridge with berries on in the morning. Thanks for the reply!

Moochops89 Mon 14-Sep-15 17:29:18

I've just today posted on the MFP thread as that's what I'm using to help me. I'm also crazy determined this time, I'm getting married in just over a year and I don't want to look back at the pics and think I failed yet again.
I've never quit sugar before either and I know what you mean! I do feel healthier already. I haven't started exercising yet though as I'd rather lose a little first. But I feel different this time in terms of my mindset, hugely. I had no willpower before and I've found myself saying no to things as it isn't worth it!

Cool, I need to get with the MFP times! I want to weigh myself tomorrow at the gym as I need a starting point to check progress. Wish I'd been able to go last week but got crazy busy with back to school stuff so didn't go. I haven't really started an exercise regime yet either, though DH and I joined a gym last week I haven't gone yet. A little bit nervous about it! I don't have scales at home.

Anyway, I totally get you with the determination. I think this is the 1st time I've started to actually FEEL unhealthy, not just fat! I'm 33 and feel like I'm 80 sometimes! Hopefully this is the fresh start we both need. Good luck on yours...and congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I'm sure you'll look fantastic! I've been the same about saying no. There will always be a treat in the future, but I only have one body and it's time to look after it!

Moochops89 Mon 14-Sep-15 19:00:02

Good luck to you too!

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