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How many calories (if any) will I burn feeding an 8 month old?

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HackerFucker22 Mon 14-Sep-15 08:07:23

I was giving myself 250 cals a day (I use MFP) when I was ebf although from what I read some estimations were up to 500 calories a day

I am still feeding baby several times per day and night but I am guessing I need to lower my BF'ing calories.

Any idea what I should be looking at?

I am on 1200 calories standard, but don't feel I can survive on that amount. Should I still allow myself some BF calories?

MajesticWhine Wed 16-Sep-15 10:38:09

Just the thought of calorie restriction when breastfeeding is making me feel hungry. I really don't think it's a good idea, and better to eat when you are hungry, and it should at least be between 1500/day, probably more. The milk will be using up lots of nutrients, especially vitamins, protein, calcium, so I don't think it's safe to restrict your diet. If you eat too few calories your milk supply will be at risk.

helenahandbag Wed 16-Sep-15 12:27:10

I don't have kids so I can't comment from that point of view but Weight Watchers gives everyone who is EBF an extra 14 propoints, which is roughly 500kcal a day. People who use a bottle too get 7, or 250kcal.

PermetsTu Wed 16-Sep-15 12:33:00

You won't risk your milk supply unless you're starving yourself. You might feel a bit rubbish though.

How were you feeling on an extra 250? If you're feeling like you're responding to appetite and you are happy with a slow, steady, realistic weight loss, then why change anything?

I found that my appetite changed depending on how much the baby was feeding. Teething, illness, developmental spurts etc all meant lots and lots of feeding and I just listened to my appetite. A rigid number of calories might have left me hungry and depleted of energy. How about allowing the extra calories to 500 and using your appetite to decide how much of that you use? Some days you might use 200, others you might use 500. Would that work at all?

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