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Mumsnet Mamas Week 19

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Demented Tue 11-May-04 19:30:10

Apologies for not starting this earlier, I have had very little computer time in the last few days. Also apologies to all who are due a celebratory e-mail, I will have them done by tomorrow at the latest. More apologies to anyone who e-mailed me and was waiting on a reply, I think I am up to date with you all now.

Week 19 and we can do it, we will get through it, if only we knew it!

Hulababy Tue 11-May-04 20:04:08

Ha d a huge hgeavy weekend of eating and drinking way too much. BUT back on track this week so hopeing to still lose a pound

Lisa78 Tue 11-May-04 20:05:19

Have had a horrid bug for 24 hours so hoping I will have lost more than Hula

MadameButterfly Tue 11-May-04 21:16:52

I think my weigh is now going the right way. At long last.

Hulababy Tue 11-May-04 21:19:21

LOL Lisa!!! I think that is what I need. Mind you the home made pavlova out friend made was so yummy, as was the chocolate truffles, the pizzas, the scallops in cream and brandy, the wine...... shall I go on? Told you it was a big weekend - went to stay with friends

Lisa78 Tue 11-May-04 21:22:38

Hula is a cow Rub it in why don't you?

Lisa78 Tue 11-May-04 21:23:37

what are scallops? I always thought they were sliced, fried potatoes, but unless your friend is really disgusting to put them in cream and brandy, apparently not????

Hulababy Tue 11-May-04 21:34:33

Ha Ha. Scallops - seafood and delicious. Quite delicate taste.

pictures here

Lisa78 Tue 11-May-04 21:42:29

Hula, they do not look nice at all! They look slimy and muscles and cockles type slimy at that!
But then, am not a big fan of fish, I like prawn cocktail but generally I like my fish to be square, coated in parsley sauce and available in a boilable plastic bag

MadameButterfly Tue 11-May-04 21:43:41

I don't do shellfish either lisa.

Hulababy Tue 11-May-04 21:44:12

LOL! You sound like my DH. He hates stuff like that too. His only way of eating fish is if it is coated in breadcrumbs, and looks nothiung remotely like a fish/sea creature.

Now the homemade strawberry pavlova though

Lisa78 Tue 11-May-04 21:47:47

I don't really do anything fresh come to think of it! I like my food highly processed
I remember my uncle giving me a cucumber he had grown, I had to really pluck up the courage to try it and then I gave it to the gerbils - it tasted really strong
I don't like cheese that isn't very processed either, (though I draw the line at those slices, unless they are on a burger at MacDonalds!)
Stupid, I'll eat fresh fruit from Sainsburys thats probably weeks old, but I won't have an apple off someones tree???
And fish is the worst, ugh! Like oysters, or lobster - I mean, you have to pick your lobster and they boil it alive, how bad is that? Then it looks an absolute bugger to eat

Hulababy Tue 11-May-04 21:52:22

Lobster is yummy but I could never choose a live one first - that's just sick IMO!!! You get a special long, thin fork for eating lobster to get all the meat out, and like nutcracker type things to break it up. Only had oysters a couple of times and have to admit that I ended up having to chew them - wasn't keen on just sallowing it whole. Don't get things like that much though - DH isn't keen and it is so expensive when you go out

I have to admit that I do like to have everything washed after picking but love it. Fresh tomatoes are lovely fresh of the stem. But I agree everything does taste stronger that way.

roisin Wed 12-May-04 14:25:27

I just joined mumsnet slimmers last week, and am doing OK I think ... we'll see what the scales say tomorrow. But I just wanted to say I am so proud of my dh - he's joined WW ... gone along to a group and everything, and he's lost 8 lb in his first week He has got a lot to lose, but even so it's a fantastic start. (Typical man completely obsessive about points, and weighing everything, etc. But it's good to be doing it together and supporting each other.)

MadameButterfly Wed 12-May-04 14:36:50

Well done to your hubby roisin.

I am determined to do it this time. I have signed up for the local "Run for Life" and have walked home from town with DD in her pushchair.
I thnk it is at least 2 miles possibly more, but I will know for sure when my Specisl K pedometer arrives.

juniper68 Wed 12-May-04 18:09:01

Ooo I love scallops and lobster. Fish is really good for weight loss. If you cook it in the oven in foil with lemon and a bit of white wine and lots of black pepper it's yummy or u can use soy sauce - in fact whatever u fancy.

I'm pre menstrual and feel so bloated so I doubt I'll lose this week I'll just have to try to maintain it tho

Hulababy Wed 12-May-04 18:41:39

I definitely won't lose anything this week. I hope I manage to stay static though and not put on. Was a colleague's birthday so we all had yummy birthday cake - loads of buttercream and icing! And having wine tonight toprepare me for those HMI inspectors tomorrow.

Lisa78 Thu 13-May-04 09:58:02

Durr! Didn't lose an ounce this week, which I don't understand! I haven't cheated at all, infact, I had a tummy bug and barely ate at all for 24 hours, I thought I would have lost loads

Hulababy Thu 13-May-04 14:47:26

No loss for me either - stayed the same. Hardly suprising though as had such a heavy weekend.

Lisa. Maybe your body started to go into starvatioon mode during the sickness and store fat. That can happen short term and is the reason why you are told not to save more than 4 points a day on WW. You'll be back on track soon I bet

Allegra Thu 13-May-04 20:21:16

Miserable half pound loss in spite of being really good this week ( + swimming 4 times!) And I've probably gained that back today by going over points as I was fed up. So now I'm cross with myself and drinking wine. Need some motivation please before I have that second glass!

MadameButterfly Thu 13-May-04 20:22:29

I am doing my weigh in tomorrow mornining as I started counting my points again last friday.

Hulababy Fri 14-May-04 08:47:47

Demented - my e-mails still keep bouncing back but thank you lots for my card!

MadameButterfly Fri 14-May-04 08:50:40

YES! My weight is now going the correct way.

I have lost but I will leave it to Demented to reveal how much.

juniper68 Fri 14-May-04 09:35:02

Well done MB

I 'christened' my new summerhouse last night with my DH and neighbour so am slinking off to weigh myself......

Demented Fri 14-May-04 19:38:40

Don't all thump me at once but I am really sorry I cannot do the announcement tonight. Computer problems. I work from a laptop that is networked to DH's machine and gets its internet access through his machine, something is wrong with the network and I can only get internet access on DH's machine (which I am using just now) but cannot access my e-mails to finished updating the spreadsheet. I'm really sorry I don't think it will be fixed tonight, DH has sloped off to watch Top of the Pops but as soon as it is fixed I will make the announcement (hopefully by tomorrow).

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