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WLS / bariatric surgery....has anyone here had it ?

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Shinyshoes2 Wed 09-Sep-15 15:50:21

I've been referred for Bariatric surgery by my GP
I had my appointment last Monday with the bariatric surgeon who suggested I go with the Roux En Y gastric bypass , but I need to liver shrink by 10% ( 2 stones ) before I have the surgery.
I don't get the confirmation as to wether or not I'm a successful candidate for another 6-8 weeks ....I started yesterday trying to drop the 2 stone in preparation. .... Just in case
Has anyone here had the sleeve / bypass / band ??

johnthepong Thu 10-Sep-15 20:43:26

I had a sleeve 5 years ago, lost 11 stones. Have put back on 7 stones. I am now going for the full duodenal switch which is what I wanted in the first place but they wouldn't do it. Where are you going?

Shinyshoes2 Thu 10-Sep-15 22:39:30

Homerton University Hospital London
Why do you think the sleeve failed for you ?
I'm still trying to read up on it all , they're mostly success stories and the average weight loss is around 8 stone a year on average.
I wanted the Gastric Band originally but because I'm type 2 diabetic the surgeon thought the Bypass would be better for me.
She mentioned that if I go on the operating table and for whatever reason they can't do the bypass then I've signed a consent form to say I'll have the sleeve

StarJumpAlertTakeCover Sun 13-Sep-15 04:43:45

I have had a gastric bypass...this week!!
Currently recovering at home.
Weight loss is greater and more permanent with the RY bypass than either band or sleeve, that's why I chose it.
There is a lot of stuff on the Internet, most of it from the states.
Read this

Anyhow I'm a bit sore but glad it's over! Good luck!

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