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Ten weeks to lose a stone.

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Veinycocks Mon 07-Sep-15 12:40:00

I've had a couple of killer months with various birthdays, holidays and whatsoever during which time copious amounts of wine, chocolate and meals out have meant I've gained a stone.

My gym has been closed for renovation since July so I've been unable to do any real exercise.

Starting today, I have 10 weeks to lose a stone. I can do this.

I can't give up indulgent food and alcohol at the weekend because I need something to look forward to at the end of the week. I'm aware that will slow me down but hey-ho.

Anyone else?

UrbaneFox Mon 07-Sep-15 23:38:31

It mightn't slow you down as much as you think. I diet every second day and the weight has been coming off at the same rate as when I diet every day! confused Ten weeks is a long time! You will easily do it. You will lose the first five in two weeks.

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