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feeling really down about myself, really need help

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Soulfly Mon 10-May-04 11:47:32

I have tried lodes of diets, i just get so bored or donn't think i am losing anything. I just need a kick up the arse, everytime i think about how bad i have got i can't stop crying. I cna't understaand why i find it so difficult to stick to it. I know i have got to do it. HELP!

marthamoo Mon 10-May-04 12:06:24

Hi hon, (((hugs))) It's a vicious circle because the more down you feel, the more you eat, the bigger you get, the more down you feel..on and on.

Try and start small - don't think too far ahead, just try and get to bedtime and have a good day. Don't starve yourself either - it's impossible to keep going then. I have lost weight in the past on Rosemary Conley, and at the moment am on WeightWatchers and I have lost 15lbs (the weight loss has really slowed down at the moment, hence my question on fitness videos). Can you afford to/have you the the time to go to a class? I think it helps if you have others doing it alongside you. I have done WW with my best friend and we have really encouraged each other.

It's so hard when you are very down about it - much sympathy xx

lemonice Mon 10-May-04 12:09:31

I know how you feel.

I just started another diet on Saturday and like you really find it hard work to keep it up. I've only really stuck to diets twice which have worked and both times lost quite a bit and that was using Slimfast. This time I'm trying the Slimming World prog. but have just bought the magazine and it's hard to work it out from that so may go to the classes which others say are much better motivator.

Can't offer any real advice. Have you ever lost weight on a diet? If so you know you can. If not then I think you have to work out what time of day is worst for you, mine is definitely the evening as I get bored and also arrive home from work hungry and tired. I've also found that it is the initial weeks which are hardest, as once the weight begins to shift you feel more rewarded.
My children and my dp are all slim so I don't have much support there either. I'm hoping posting on here will help motivate me even if I'm really just writing to myself. Hugs

Soulfly Mon 10-May-04 15:53:27

Thank you so much, I was talking to my friend today on msn, and that sort of motivated me to try again(she's stopping smoking), i did an hour excercise video, and wasn't too puffed out at the end, so i was quite proud of myself, also decided to walk alot. I am not sure on what diet to do, i can't really afford to go to clubs, and cause dh works shifts, it would be hard to go every week. But i think i feel bad i'll come on here to motivate myself. I thought i would just sort of calorie count and do lodes of excercise cause i think that will be good for me and then hopefully see some results, well thats the plan. I used to be a size 12, before i had kids, and since having them i;ve got bigger and bigger and only being 5ft4, it really shows, when your 18+(eek). Anyway i'll let you know how i get on. And good luck and well done on your progress, lets hope i do as good as you do.

lemonice Mon 10-May-04 16:00:11

Soulfly you're the same height as me and I now weigh 12st 13lbs which is the heaviest I've ever been. Last time I really peresevered on a diet was about 10 years ago and it held good for a few years before creeping up and the last three I've put on way tto much.

I'll look out for your posts and maybe we can encourage each other.

Soulfly Mon 10-May-04 16:01:40

Well i am alot heavier than that, lol. yes we must, it will be good for both of us, good luck.

Jennisaurus Mon 10-May-04 16:10:37

Soulfly I am a size 18 and 5ft3 and its really depressing isn't it

I have so far done better than I expected with my diet but I have been really harsh with myself. We don't have biscuits and cakes in the house, and I am only allowed fruit and veg, and occasionaly I buy a small chocolate bar. I do an exercise vid as well because it helps me feel better.
WW points are GREAT for seeing how much you eat and you get loads per day, I often struggle to eat enough

Good luck, I get upset sometimes when i look at how big i have got so I know how you feel i think. x x

Soulfly Mon 10-May-04 16:12:50

Thanks you sound around the same size as me sept i am a little taller but not by much. I just can't believe i let myself get like it and don't really know how it happened. I am not doing a particular diet, cause i know it costs to join ww or slimming world etc i wish you could find it on the internet, but then i expect they'll charge you. lol. Having a tight month this month, lol.

Jennisaurus Mon 10-May-04 16:17:58

I follow WW but I am thinking of stopping because I know whats good and what isn't now.

Try for 1750 cals a day, and learn to watch the sat fat. They make really good ready meals if you worry about eating too bigger portions (as I do!).
I just keep us stocked up with loads of fruit and veg and have big portions of it with my dinners so I am full. It has to be a lifestyle change I think, but its hard sometimes.
So far I have been doing it for about a month and I have lost about half a stone I think its great knowing my jeans are too big and that keeps me motivated, hopefully soon I will be in size 16s

Good luck x x

glitterfairy Mon 10-May-04 22:06:08

Its difficult becasue no one can give up food we have to think about food, plan and shop let alone cook adn eat it. I think if we had a chef adn just ate the meals whihc were put in front of us it would be so much easier! Dont cry soulfly diets are boring becuase they are diets and with as much weight to lose as me I need an eating plan for life not a diet! We are all here.

gothicmama Mon 10-May-04 22:09:56

just keep trying and try to prepare food in advance for day then you do not have to think about it when you are hungry

sarochka Tue 11-May-04 19:36:03

Hi everyone....soulfly and lemonice I totally understand you both. I am in a way glad that I am not alone in how I am feeling. Sometimes I get so annoyed with myself and that is when the spiralling starts. I am very hard on myself and do tend to beat myself up quite alot. Perhaps I can join in the keeping motivated aswell ? I am 5'3 and really heavy but a surprising size 16. never been this big before but ate loads of rubbish whilst pregnant and gave up smoking. Take care

champs Wed 12-May-04 01:48:27

hi soulfly, just adding to the lovely posts and giving my support. You will do it. It can be boring cant it, esp when everyone else is eating all the things you'd love to eat and dont need to worry about it.
Dont cry hun, you are a lovely person and we are all here for you!!

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