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Please help me with suggestions to enhance my shape nutrition or fitness...

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Rightorwrong555 Fri 14-Aug-15 18:51:30

I’m 5’’8 and fluctuate between 62-65kg. Obviously, I’m nt overweight, but I’m not happy with my body and would like an idea of what I need to do nutrition/fitness wise.

I just want to describe my shape a bit for you to understand. I have very small, frail shoulders, and short small arms. I have a waist of 25inches and hips of 38 inches. Below my hips, my body doesn’t go “in” again, it stays wide and my legs are quite muscular (not unattractive, I like wearing skirts) and my bottom is quite big.

It’s the wideness of that whole area between my legs and my waist that bothers me, because it’s like a big block with no shape or graduation. Is that a pear shape? Also because I had an EMCS I have the “ridge” on my belly which makes me look like I have a pot belly no matter how flat it is.

How do I go “in” again below my hips so I can be a bit more hour glassy?

I am so uneducated about fitness and nutrition I’m assuming there is something I am not aware of.

I used to eat a lot of sugar but have dramatically cut down since I had a baby (10 months ago.) I do still eat a lot of fruit and drink quite a bit of alcohol. I eat lots of veggies but I am a vegetarian so do not really eat much protein. I know this needs to change but I don’t know how to get protein that is not from animals.

Since I had the baby I’ve been doing 1.5 hours pilates twice a week which has made me very strong, but not really changed my shape. I have been sweating during it, raised heart rate etc, but have just noticed I’ve become a bit more muscular.

Any suggestions?

GallopingFoxley Sun 16-Aug-15 14:48:13

Check out 'the body coach '

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