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Do you think obsessing about what you eat helps?

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msrisotto Thu 13-Aug-15 18:44:11

Calorie counting, MFP food diaries etc?

I find it boring, although having a healthy diet is very important to me, and I wonder if it just makes you think about food all the time?

CharleyDavidson Thu 13-Aug-15 21:51:45

I try not to obsess, but I like to feel in control. I do calorie count, I do log it on an online thingie like mfp but I don't think about it constantly. I used to when I was doing WW though. I think the difference is that I'm taking the 'meal planning' way of doing things. I do sit down after I've shopped and plan my week of meals roughly. I look at the cals in my main meals and work my way backwards to what I can 'afford' for lunches or snacks.

It means that when I get in, ravenous, I know what I'm making and don't just grab something different. It also has the bonus that I'm using everything up before it has a chance to go out of date. I aim to use everything up about 2 days before it's use by date and also keep a few longer dated things in the fridge permanently. If something comes up to change plans then I'm not too rigid that I don't bend.

msrisotto Thu 13-Aug-15 21:56:19

Yes, meal planning really helps with the budget, food waste and not having to waste time thinking about what to have everyday.

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