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Total despair - where to go from here

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traceyinrosso70 Tue 11-Aug-15 21:32:13

At 18 stone I am so fed up of being big. I've lost count of the money I've spent at slimming clubs. I was taken to a dietician whilst at primary school. I was 15 stone at 21, lost 3 stone before my wedding and then over the last twenty years have lost and gained (but mostly gained) until I have reached 18 stone. I have been considering going to see my GP about surgery but having read about the risks and post op problems I'm not sure it's what I want. I also know that I am difficult to intubate (put the tubes down to put you to sleep) after a couple of recent operations.

So, where do I go from here ? Hypnotherapy ? Just accept it's my lot in life to be big ?

I joined slimming world seven weeks ago (again) and have lost three pounds. I know the diet works but I just can't stick to it. I have to say that I have had the worst 18 months of my life with family bereavement, loss of two friends to cancer and another terminally ill along with my sister in law trying to take her own life. This has just meant my emotional eating has been a real problem and I think this is why I am struggling to stick with SW.

If anyone can offer any advice, has been where I am and found a way out then please respond.

KTlee Wed 12-Aug-15 17:16:08

I've never been in your position, but thought I'd respond. I'm sure others will be along to handhold soon but let's be honest, there is no easy fix. If you want to get healthy then it will be tough and it will be hard work, whatever option you take, be it surgery, hypnosis, or dieting, it will be hard work. The gp would be a good call, maybe not about surgery but they could put you in touch with a dietician and talk about other options.

If your not ready for it being no walk in the park then sure accept it, but I hope you'll think your worth the hardwork to get healthy and live a more fulfilling life. Good luck whatever you decide

tabulahrasa Wed 12-Aug-15 17:23:29

I'm on slimming world and I was a similar weight (I'm currently 11 stones)...when you say you can't stick to it, what is it you're going for when you're stressed/upset?

As in, is there a replacement for that?

TheOnlyPink Wed 12-Aug-15 17:46:50

I'm 17stone 6lbs. I am the same as you, so sick being big, so sick of trying every diet going and spending a fortune to be told what I already know. I just have no control. I can't even blame emotional eating (although I do that too), I just can't eat sensible portions.
I'm thinking about just cutting out all my trigger foods, seeing as I can't do moderation.

I have no real advice, just wanted to hand hold. flowers

TheOnlyPink Wed 12-Aug-15 17:49:02

Although I will say, I had a lot of success with 5:2, as I only had to be really careful on two days and then just keep a lose eye on the rest. My problem was binging on the non fast days.

traceyinrosso70 Wed 12-Aug-15 20:39:23

Thanks folks. When I say I can't stick to it I mean that I start the day with good intentions, plan for the day then when I am rushed/ stressed I reach for the bread/cake and not the salad/soup that I planned.

fuzzpig Wed 12-Aug-15 21:10:17

What's working better for me at the moment is allowing for the fact that I'll slip up. So I do still have a little treat available in the house (not having anything like that around makes me panic - I know it's messed up). IME telling myself to only have good intentions just guarantees that I crave junk food and feel guilty if I have any and then think oh fuck it why not eat the lot...

Whereas now I still think about food, but I can relax and say it's ok, I can still have that chocolate/cake or whatever tonight. And quite often it gets to tonight, and I'm actually not that bothered about it so I save it for another day. So I don't feel like I'm on a 'diet' even though I'm eating a lot less crap.

I'm really sorry you've had such a horrible time thanks go easy on yourself. Baby steps, tiny changes will be more sustainable and won't feel so restrictive.

calzone Thu 13-Aug-15 14:53:37

Sorry to be blunt but only you can do it.

I was 14st 3lbs in January.
Am currently 11st 7lbs.

I have had to cut out all my triggers including alcohol, bread, biscuits. If I have a glass wine, I will drink the bottle. If I eat a piece of baguette, I will demolish the lot so I avoid it completely.

Plan and shop accordingly. Keep remembering why you want to be slim and hold onto that.

Keep your menu simple.

Cereal,fruit & yoghurt.
Chicken and salad
Cottage pie
Stir fry

Keep asking for help and go to class. If you have a blip, pick yourself up and keep going.

HTH. smilesmile

tabulahrasa Thu 13-Aug-15 15:16:58

I don't buy things if I'm likely to go...ah stuff it, I'm having that anyway.

If there's cake in the house I will eat it, if on the other hand I have to go to the shops for it...I might still have it, but I'm consciously choosing to have it and I don't then go off plan because of it.

Or I might decide that actually I don't want it enough to go get it and eat what I'd planned to have after all.

mrsnewfie Thu 13-Aug-15 16:53:52

I sure you will have lots of responses about what worked well for different people. That's the problem. Everyone is unique!

I'm the world's worst dieter, jumping from one plan to the next and giving up after only a couple of days on each. I truly believe you have to be in the 'zone' to do it and that's my downfall. I can't get in the zone!

However, for the last week I have been doing a low carb/Atkins type plan. I have to say I have stuck to it rigidly, passing up my usual chocolate fixes. I think it's because I have obviously been eating fat and I'm now terrified that a mouthful of chocolate will cause all that fat to be laid down!!

I know I'm in ketosis and I'm not feeling hungry at all. That said, it's still slow going for me. I keep reading about the wonderful weight losses during the first two weeks but I'm not seeing that. I'm remaining positive and my mood is much more stable as I have given up sugar so I feel great.

My plan is to gradually introduce more healthy carbs back into my diet until I find a good balance.

I really do feel for you OP. You've had a rotten time of it. Good luck with whatever you choose and hoping you find something that suits you.

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