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Low-calorie diet..advice required!

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Juliehafrancis Sun 09-May-04 14:39:46

I started my low calorie diet on friday and all seems to be going okay.
At the moment I am sticking to 1500 calories and under if I can (!) but I am not sure whether that is the right amount for me. Does anyone know where I can access the information I need (preferably for free!)?

I am 4ft 11 and weigh an enormous 15.4 argh so obviously in desperate need of help!


Jules x

MadameButterfly Sun 09-May-04 14:45:06

Hi Julie.

You are the same height as me.

I am not sure about the calories as I am doing the WW points system

I am sure, though, that someone will be able to help you out

Soulfly Sun 09-May-04 15:59:59

Jules whats the diet called, i really need to loose some weight. How are you getting on are you finding it easy?

Jennisaurus Sun 09-May-04 22:29:21

1500 sounds a bit low for what you want to lose? Maybe try 1750.

Good luck!

Furball Mon 10-May-04 08:15:05

Found THIS for you.

Juliehafrancis Mon 10-May-04 08:31:50

Thanx Furball that was really helpful.

It suggests I should stick to 1200 - 1400 a day so will try and do that.

Soulfly - I'm not any specific diet as I just find it to difficult..Im just trying to stick to an amount of calories per day. It's quite easy and it just means you can make the decisions what to eat instead of somebody telling you! lol

Going out to lunch today so that's going to be difficult..I think I am going to try and stick to just salad.

Hope everyone has a nice day.


Me xox

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