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BellaOfTheBalls Sat 08-Aug-15 08:14:55

Does anyone else find weekends really really tough?

It's easy during the week; I work over lunch so I don't take cash to work with me (no cash = no vending machine) and so just take lean protein & fruit/veg with me, but the weekends are an absolute killer!

Am I alone in this?

gymboywalton Sat 08-Aug-15 08:17:41

weekends are super super tough

i am finding the long holidays tough too-i am off work and the lack of structure and availability of food is hard

Emz449 Sun 09-Aug-15 18:58:59

I find weekends tough too! I'm fine if I have no plans but more often then not something is happening that usually involves food or alcohol or both (the worst combination).

So much easier during the week at work where I have set times for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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