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Time for a kick up the rear end and an achievable plan

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workatemylife Wed 05-Aug-15 13:03:17

Bah. I'm here again, monstrously cross with myself. But lovely to know that there is support and friendship around as well.

I lost a load of weight after my last DC was born, and was doing okay at keeping it off, but last summer I realised that I was getting back into bad habits. Being sensible about it meant that I was tucking into Christmas dinner wearing a skirt in the 'right' size again, which felt great. But I must have monumentally fallen off the waggon since then, because the 'Christmas dinner' skirt won't do up around my midriff! I've had a couple of shots at losing the weight since May, but with unrealistic deadlines / targets, which set me up to fail and then give up.

So, collective force of MN, you have my permission to give me a hefty kick up my ample rear and tell me to pull myself together.

I know I need to develop a 'way of eating' rather than another short-term diet. As a note to myself, what I plan to do between now and the end of October is:

1. food: three meals per day. Breakfast is porridge, lunch is salad or similar, dinner is a family meal. I can't face cooking a different meal in the evening for me, so I'm making us all eat pretty healthy food, and resisting the temptation to overload my plate.

2. snacks and treats. This is my downfall. I'm bringing lunch into work so that I don't end up buying more than I need. I'm setting aside a small treat for the munching hours, which for me are usually late afternooon or late evening. Maybe a 40kcal hot chocolate sachet, a low-cal cereal bar, one slice of toast, a couple of breadsticks, some fruit etc. The hard bit is getting around my sweet tooth here, because what I would normally head for is covered in chocolate!

3. rewards. I've put a pot on my desk, and every time I would normally trot off for a latte / cake / choccie bar etc I'm putting roughly the same amount in the pot. I'm viewing this as reward money with which to buy something nice. I could save it to buy things to wear in a smaller size, but I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I want to get back into, so there's no need at the moment. But I'm watching a scarf online at the moment, and will probably have enough cash in the pot soon to buy it, which is a bit scary! I'm hoping that the mentality that 'this is the item that not stuffing my face bought' will be a wake-up call and a motivator.

4. exercise. Needs to be fitted into my normal day, so walking or cycling places rather than driving, and taking the 'long route' for short distances and walking faster to get there. (nuts? makes me feel like I'm doing something)

I'm not weighing myself because I know that I respond to limited / no weightloss by throwing in the towel. Is there anyone around with the same kind of plan / hopes who wants a buddy?

Dinneratbrinkleys Sun 09-Aug-15 19:56:42

Love the idea of the reward plan! I need to do that

I think all your ideas sound fantastic

I find cereal bars really help - especially Special K - only 89 calories and make you feel like you're having something sweet.

Take a look at the "No S Diet" threads on here

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