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What exercise can I do for weight loss?

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NoahVale Tue 04-Aug-15 09:13:01

I have diagnosed myself with plantar fascitis, ie. my heels hurt, and my calves.
it seems I should cut back on walking and lose weight.
even swimming hurt

CadiM Tue 04-Aug-15 16:51:52

Can you do strength training? That can be pretty efficient at calorie burning (I use fitness blender workouts with dumbbells from Argos). Or exercise bike? Have you had your gait analysed? (Sorry, getting carried away with questions). My feet used to be so painful on walking, but I'm now pain-free having got good arch-supporting trainers (and losing weight).

NoahVale Tue 04-Aug-15 23:34:14

thanks for your help.
might get my feet looked at in that case.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 04-Aug-15 23:40:40

On the bright side weight loss is mostly diet.

Definitely get your feet looked at PF is curable, also try stretching your calves/Achilles/hamstrings lots. Get the pain sorted/diagnosed/advice given before trying anything new

Best exercise is lifting heavy weights - not sure how that would work around your pain issues.

KetchupIsNearlyAVegetable Tue 04-Aug-15 23:43:08

Plantar: Stretch your achilles tendon. Stop wearing heels if you do. See a physio asap (probably means private).

If you build muscle you will burn more calories and look thinner than your weight on the scales would suggest. Push ups are good and lots of other things like that. Cycling is usually OK with plantar.

Just realised this is almost the same advice as Cadi It is true.

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