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I love my griddle :)

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juniper68 Sat 08-May-04 16:28:22

I only got it the other week, it's a big rectangular one. One side's ribbed and the other smooth. I've been griddling veggies in a little advocado oil and doing fajitas etc...

I wish I'd got one years ago as it seems to be a good way to do low fat cooking

JeniN Mon 10-May-04 10:13:53

aubergines are gorgeous done that way yum

what else do you cook on it because I'd be interested in other options?

marthamoo Mon 10-May-04 10:17:53

I just read that as "I love my girdle"

juniper68 Mon 10-May-04 13:50:16

Wish I had a girdle marthamoo

I cook king prawns sprinkled with spices. Lamb kebabs, sausages. I'm going to look for some griddle recipes or a book so if I find any good ones i'll post them

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