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Need a buddy to lose a stone/tone up

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narry Mon 27-Jul-15 13:45:37

Hi everyone.

I'm Nat, I live near Middlesbrough and year ago I had a baby boy who is my only child. After a holiday (and eating too much party food) this month I really want to start to consistently do things to get back into shape and ideally I'd like to lose a stone but anything would be a bonus. I just know that if I'm left to do it myself that I will just sit every day and wish I was doing more so I was hoping for some suggestions and support of what I can do to head in the right direction. I feel like since I've been pregnant it's more that I'm storing fat in different places than I ever did so I think that's why I'm feeling a bit unhappy with myself.

So far my efforts have included starting to walk more with the buggy, doing these Mummy Workouts online fitness classes I heard about on Twitter and then I'm going to try and eat a bit more healthily cause my diet isn't too bad usually. I just need help and advice and support from some people feeling the same I guess.

My goal is to be a bit slimmer by the time it's my friends birthday night out in mid-September.

Thanks ladies smile

Fender1 Mon 27-Jul-15 15:13:59

I'm in Narry. I've got just over a stone (16 lb) to lose by end October and plan on upping my exercise and also adding in some elements of the "princessing" threads too .
I'll post my stats and plan later once the kids (two under 3confused) are in bed..,

narry Mon 27-Jul-15 22:37:14

Thanks Fender smile sounds like you've got your hands full. I look forward to hearing back from you when you get a minute ��

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