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Being left behind

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Redorwhitejusthaveboth Mon 27-Jul-15 07:24:31

Please throw some thing this way to help! Working mum of 4... Getting married end of this year... Have lost 1.5 stone in last year - through slimming world and my own diet. Have stopped sw. Roughly calorie counting now. Have Fitbit so increasing exercise.
Partner has lost 2 stone in 2.5 months with calorie counting and exercise.
He's doing so well and I'm not.
At the risk of sounding petulant - he has a gym at work so can workout at lunch , he also makes time to run at night. I however am not able to be able to make the priority in my head to do more - I'm permanently knackered and the motivation isn't strong enough.
I know I WANT to loose weight and I know how good I'll feel - but I can't seem to connect that to my day to day life.... Please share wisdom ( or arse kicking) with me

ClubSmed Mon 27-Jul-15 11:58:14

First off, congratulations on the 1.5 stone weight loss! That is an amazing achievement!

I too am not motivated to go to the gym, even though I too have one in the building where I work. The reason I don't, is that I know I would never be able to maintain it. I may be able to lose weight quicker, but the aim for me is a lifestyle change so that I can get to the size I want and maintain it. I know that I would never be able to maintain going to the gym forever so I am not going to use it a crutch to help me be lax on my eating.

Not sure if that helps, but that is my experience and view.

MugsLife Mon 27-Jul-15 12:12:12

Congratulations to you and your soon-to-be husband on your loses. Exercise is really secondary when it comes to weight loss. Focus on dieting if you can't find time for much exercise. It really is just a case of eating less as boring as that sounds.

Maybe try a different strategy? For me aiming for no snacks, just three healthy meals works well. So most of the food I eat is at the dinner table only. But there's people on here doing well on 5:2, low carb etc so there's many things to try.

lilacblossomtime Mon 27-Jul-15 12:19:39

Hi redorwhite it is very unfair that men seem to lose weight more easily curse them. They can usually eat more of course, also having a gym easily available is a big advantage. How much would you want to lose?

postmanpatscat Mon 27-Jul-15 12:20:19

What you eat is way more important than exercise. Research the work of Zoe Harcombe and Donal O'Neill (Cereal Killers) and you will start to appreciate that a calorie is not a calorie.

Dowser Mon 27-Jul-15 15:48:11

Don't b eat yourself up about going to the gym. I know someone who was bed bound for three years and lost a load of weight just by cutting calories.

Redorwhitejusthaveboth Mon 27-Jul-15 18:18:11

Thank you all so much! I want to
Loose another 3 stone but probably won't do that by wedding day, so realistically 2 stone by dec - that's about 14 weeks ... So approx 2 lbs a week.

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