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Are online diet clubs really any good, as its a large kick up the bum time for me!

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sweetpud Mon 20-Jul-15 11:27:22

Morning everyone, I have Finally decided that I've been eating far too much crap and have got to get some of this weight off.
I may have been fooling myself with the fact that i'm still wearing the same size clothes as I was 6 months ago, but the solid truth is they are now tighter and bulge everywhere!

I was out clothes shopping yesterday with the family and I was shocked and upset when I looked in the full length mirrors in the store.

If totally honest I'm at least 4 stone overweight, but I would be happy to set a goal of a stone to start with, after all that's where I was this time last year.
I've been looking at online diets and wondering if they really work and if anyone has tried this route??

I think it would probably be easy to cheat, but saying that all you are losing then is the dosh out of your bank each month. Some are a little expensive, but there is one called Nutracheck which looks interesting and is a reasonable cost. Has anyone tried it, or maybe using this one?

I was going to try going back to a SW class, but a few years ago when I tried it, I found it almost impossible to lose anything as my appetite is already large and I found if I followed the plan all week and then had a day off at weekends, I didn't lose, or I even gained as I had probably had more than enough food during the week.

I think the SW diet is fine if you are not really a very large portion eater to start with, and works even better if you are a little and often eater, as I suppose you can graze all day if you really want to.

I've never tried WW, as I'm not too sure about counting points and trying to think about what meals I'm going to have all week.
I lost a lot of weight doing RC a bout 10 years ago but the online one is a little dear and I'm a bit limited in the amount and types of exercise I can do now.
Any opinions/advice would be fab please!

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Mon 20-Jul-15 13:23:10

There are free forums on MFP and various threads on here - maybe try those before shelling out cash? Same principle isn't it - accountability/honesty/regular weigh in/advice/support...

flanjabelle Mon 20-Jul-15 13:32:08

I have lost 2 stone 6lb in 4 and a half months using mfp and haven't spent a penny. Don't waste your money, just get your head in gear and get it done. No matter how much you spend, nothing is going to create the motivation you need. that needs to come from you.

popcornpaws Thu 23-Jul-15 17:01:10

Dont do it!
Save your money, work out a plan that will work for you long term, count every calorie you eat.
Be focused, if you have four stone to lose you need to be strict with yourself.
You don't need a crutch to lose weight, how many people on these boards say things like SW worked for me in the past, but I've put all the weight back on, so was thinking about WW…
You need to re educate yourself regarding portions, calories and exercise.
If you "cheat" your just fooling yourself.
You don't need to join a class to lose weight, its just an excuse to not be accountable for yourself.
Good luck!

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