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Argh... sick of being fat!!

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VashtaNerada Fri 17-Jul-15 07:55:47

I'm just into the obese range and I'm desperate to get healthy. Like so many other people I seem to be really stuck with my dieting. I've successfully lost weight before so I know I can do it, I just seem to have completely lost my drive.
I don't particularly need advice on which diet to do - Weightwatchers has worked for me in the past, as has Slimming World on one occasion. It's more the psychological barriers I need to deal with. I have a very stressful routine at the moment with work, kids, etc plus I suffer badly from migraines which make me incredibly hungry in the early stages.
Any tips for just getting on and bloody doing it?

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Fri 17-Jul-15 08:02:28

Best one I can give is decide you're going to commit to something for a minimum of two weeks then go cold turkey - your cravings will subside after a few days and then you know you've got the hardest bit out of the way.

Set interim goals rather than one huge goal that seems terrifying.

On day one when I was really struggling someone on here said something like "you can pick hard or you can pick fat" - that simplicity really helped.

I think I made a massive mental leap when I realised that slim people don't have some secret to being able to eat loads but not lard up - I genuinely thoughts I was unlucky and had bad genes or something. When I realised that actually, slim people just didn't eat as much as I did it was a huge shift in my thinking. No secrets, no formulas, just eat better.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 17-Jul-15 08:19:23

Prepare your food, set up
Auto deliveries on shopping. Carry bag of food round with you - always, always, have something you can eat in case you get caught somewhere.

In 2 hours prep (online shop twice, cook for an hour) - you've done your food for the week.

I'm doing slimming world so I need to keep bananas/yoghurts/Babybel lights/fruit/ in massive stock.

I only actually cook twice a week - chilli/lamb curry/spagbol - and eat it with baked potato at lunch or pasta/rice for dinner

I have hormonal days where I could eat a scabby heided wean and days when I'm not hungry at all - Id never noticed this before. It's normal when related to hormones/migraines and can be more of an issue if you tend to emotionally eat.

juliej75 Fri 17-Jul-15 09:28:37

I struggled to get started too. I knew I had to lose weight but procrastinated until things got worse and worse.

What has motivated me more than anything was signing up for an expensive course of hypnotherapy. It didn't work at all, but knowing I'd paid out all that money made me think that I was bloody well going to lose weight one way or another to make it worthwhile confused

Is there something you could sign up for? One positive act that doesn't require too much sustained effort but you can see as a first step. Even starting this thread should help! Or WW/SW? A gym class? I find it helps posting my weight online, feeling more accountable iyswim?

Once you get going, the results help motivate. I'm trying to remember that progress is progress, no matter how slow. It's even progress that I'm no longer putting on weight (well, I am this week but 2 x DC birthdays with cake + PMT...)

Best of luck smile

VashtaNerada Fri 17-Jul-15 17:52:48

Thanks everyone, this is all good advice! I've been putting it off as I'm on holiday next week but there's actually no reason why I can't eat healthily while I'm away. Have tracked my Weightwatchers points for the first time in ages today. Will keep going through the weekend. My biggest weakness is chocolate so I've taken that off the shopping list! Need to invest in some breadsticks or something instead.

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