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Wedding in September, need to drop 7 pounds in 7 weeks!

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Fizbo Thu 16-Jul-15 17:04:17

I'm getting married in about 7 weeks. To my horror I found I had gained about 5 pounds since I last tried my dress on! It does fit but is a little too snug. I had always intended to drop a couple of pounds pre wedding in preparation for the honeymoon, but now I really need to pull my finger out. I am logging on mfp and trying to do 20-30 mins exercise a day. I think with support this is achievable, but I have form for doing well for a week then getting bored. Anyone want to buddy up for motivation and support?

lemonstartree Thu 16-Jul-15 17:53:16

exante VLCD - can drop 7lbs in 7 days! just a thought ....

twobambinos Thu 16-Jul-15 21:52:32

Hey fizbo I'm going on hols in September and want to look amazing. Hoping to lose 7 lbs at least if not 10. We can do it. Going to aim for 30 mins exercise everyday and cut back on the rubbish Ive been eating alot of sweets lately. Dont think its any harm to b hungry every now and again grin

Fizbo Fri 17-Jul-15 08:54:14

Hi two, completely agree. Since I've been logging what I eat I'm pretty shocked at all the extras I pick up through the day. The worst I think is finishing off DD's dinner and the odd wine!I work part time and manage to eat really well on those days as have no access to junk. It's the days at home that are my downfall. As for exercise I'm alternating with Davinas 7 minute work out, Jillians ripped in 30 (level 1 only!) or 20 mins on the cross trainer with abs on the floor after. Are you weighing in on a set day?

Dowser Fri 17-Jul-15 09:28:12

I'm getting married in 65 days. 4 of them will actually be in the resort itself beforehand. Roughly 9 weeks.

I've been no sugar for 12 weeks today.
No wheat for 3.5 years.
no milk or very little dairy same
Low carb. Whole grain rice or sweet potato at evening meal unless eating out.

I too would love 7 lbs off mummy tummy. Don't know which way to turn. I've barely lost an ounce. Can't exercise because of pain. So don't move around more than necessary.

Losing weight has never been this hard. I eat no junk at all. I drink fruit tea and maybe 2-4 gin and tonic a week. 1 piece of fruit a day.

Help please.

Fizbo Fri 17-Jul-15 14:05:53

Hi Dowser, I really don't know what to suggest? Your diet sounds really healthy. Is it weight you need to lose or more toning up? Is your pain a chronic problem? Well done on no sugar that's a fantastic achievement smile

Dowser Fri 17-Jul-15 23:55:29

Think it's weight. Yes my diet is really healthy . Can't understand the lack of weight loss.

We've had a hectic week. No sugar but lots of eating out as my relative stayed this week.

Next week going to be more vigilant.

See if I can shift anything.

I bought a skirtkini from bhs. First time I've exposed my midriff in public in 30 years.

Top is a 16 and skirt / pants bottom is a 14.

Felt quite dapper in it this morning but after a big bowl of minestrone soup ( no pasta ) this evening and a large piece of ham and cheese stuffed chicken ( no potato) I feel like billy bunter!

yumyumpoppycat Sat 18-Jul-15 00:13:22

Dowser would it be worth some tests from a gp for thyroid etc? Dr Briffa suggests fasting to break plateaus when healthy eating isn't enough to lose weight, might be worth a try? The 16:8 version doesn't involve calorie counting and you could just do it 3 x a week?

twobambinos Sun 19-Jul-15 07:38:19

Oh dowser that's awful, your diet sounds really healthy could you try cutting out the alcohol for a few weeks? I know so few treats there as it is but if you cant do any exercise you ll have to give it your all with the diet.

Fizbo I'm the same work part time and great at work but it all goes belly up at home. Managed more than 30 mins every day for the last 4 days and going to do exercise bike today. But food hasn't been great. Ive weighed in this week and I would like to have 9 lbs gone by my holiday but i don't know if that's possible its probably 8 weeks away but I lose weight very slowly but ill give it a go. Think I should buy a bikini and hang it up in the kitchen grin

Dowser Sun 19-Jul-15 09:38:22

Had blood tests for everything as I was feeling really tired and run down. Blood is extremely healthy. Nothing needed tweaking. I just have a very low metabolic rate I think.

I've bought a skirtini. Haven't worn anything like that for 30 years . That should shame me into it I hope.

I'm happy to try fasting but if I don't eat I start to feel light headed dizzy etc.

Fizbo Sun 19-Jul-15 11:59:36

Dowser I had thought about 5:2 but I know that I would struggle on fast days then just feel crap about it. Do you mind me asking what your bmi is? Two- I had a awful day yesterday ate 1600 calories over my daily allowance!! That was my own fault for going out for dinner and having 3 courses. I'm trying to stick to 1250 a day and had been doing so well. I have lost nearly 2 pounds this week though do think a bad day in a week is ok. I also could have shaved dome calories off that by avoiding wine, but it was a rare dinner out. Will do a 20 minute session on the cross trainer later and try and have a better day. Love the idea of hanging a bikini up!

Dowser Sun 19-Jul-15 12:50:08

I don't know my weight. I avoid scales like the plague as I eat to celebrate or commiserate dePending on what sort of week I have.

As a guess Mfp seems to think I need 1200 a day to lose 1 pound a week.

Probably about right. I spent most of yesterday in bed as I was exhausted after a hectic week.

So I don't move around too much. If its stops raining long enough I might have a gentle stroll this afternoon.

yumyumpoppycat Sun 19-Jul-15 14:24:47

Dowser I only lost a few lbs when I tried fasting but it really works for some people and it might work alongside your healthy eating. I used to skip breakfast when doing it but never felt faint doing this whereas I have always had low blood sugar symptoms, such as if I had toast for breakfast I would feel shaky after a couple of hours.

twobambinos Wed 22-Jul-15 08:41:55

Ive had one hell of a week of eating and will def be up weight. Its like the minute I actually say I'm on a diet all hell breaks lose. Didn't do my 30 mins Monday at all so will try for an hour today to make up for it. Have my period too so wont weigh in until Monday. How is everyone else doing. Are ye excited for the weddings?

Fizbo Thu 23-Jul-15 10:12:33

Hi Two, I decided in a moment of insanity to do the 3 day military diet. I'm on day 2 and feel ok so far. I'm dreading the last day tomorrow as it is very low calorie. You can lose anywhere from 2-10 pounds depending on your starting weight. I will be happy with 2 pounds. OH is away with work so I thought this would be a good chance to get the ball rolling. I did the cabbage soup diet about 8 years ago and lost 5 pounds which I managed to keep off with exercise maintenance.

I won't do any exercise until the weekend as don't want to feel too hungry. Starting to feel more excited for the wedding, have my hair trial next week. How long will you be away for on your holiday and where are you going? If you don't mind me asking

Dowser Sat 25-Jul-15 16:53:59

I got weighed last week. 10 st 9lbs and five feet six.

Will find out how to do buI

Been doing Mfp and have ended up over every day but at least I've stopped when I've gone over and not eaten more so I've been dieting in a strange kind of way.

Dowser Sat 25-Jul-15 16:55:42

Apparently my bmi is 24

Dowser Sat 25-Jul-15 16:56:49

Fizbo what is this 3 day military diet. I might do it in a moment of madness when I come back from my hols in mid August.

Dowser Sat 25-Jul-15 17:06:02

Just found some info on the military diet. To find out how many calories you burn a day you multiply what you weigh by 12

So for me is 149 x 12=1788

That seems high for me

There's not a lot of veg on this diet. Does eating a lot of veg make you lose weight slowly. I eat veg with every meal and don't eat wheat.

I lost a fair bit of weight when I needed a colonoscopy three years ago. I could only eat meat and potatoes. Thank god it was only for five days.

FluffyBumOnTheRun Sat 25-Jul-15 17:10:13

Try the 5:2 way of eating. It's super easy to stick to long term and you see results fast. There's a thread on here and an FB group

BIWI Sat 25-Jul-15 17:14:20

Dowser if you're eating rice or sweet potatoes, and a piece of fruit a day, chances are you're not really keeping your carbs low enough to be truly following a low carb diet. If you cut those out, eat more veg/salad instead of fruit (and make sure you're eating high fat) then that might help you.

Dowser Sat 25-Jul-15 17:30:41

I only eat one apple a day. Rice or sweet potato is with evening meal only. About half a small sweet potato or About 3 oz of cooked whole grain rice.

Other two meals are breakfast with 2 egg onion omelette

Lunch is green veg soup with lentils and a small portion of ham.

That's my basic diet. I'm going to stick rigidly to this for the next week. We go away on saturday and then it will be very difficult.

Fizbo Sat 25-Jul-15 17:32:14

Dowser a bmi of 24 is still in the normal weight range. I know people carry weight in different areas. My problem areas is my stomach, post birth of 2 year old. I lost 2 pounds over the 3 days. I will stick to 1200 calories a day to maintain. I find adding lots of low calorie salad to meals is really helping. So today for lunch I had a fillet of mackerel with half a plate of spinach, tomatoes and cucumber. I think psychologically for me if the plate is full I feel full after eating.

Also with the military diet, I made some modifications on the last day and had a huge bowl of salad in the evening. It's has given me the push I needed to see this through. I'm always shocked at the carb content of some vegetables and fruit. So for me these are areas I look for alternatives.

yumyumpoppycat Sat 25-Jul-15 17:58:55

This might be better (in terms of fruit and veg) than the military diet if you do it for 3 days instead of 7 lots of people tried it on here last year but looks pretty hardcore!

BIWI Sat 25-Jul-15 18:38:18

I only eat one apple a day. Rice or sweet potato is with evening meal only. About half a small sweet potato or About 3 oz of cooked whole grain rice.

100g of cooked brown rice is 23.1g carbs, so 3 oz is 17g carbs alone.
1 medium apple is 19g carbs
1 medium baked sweet potato is 23.57g carbs, so half will be just under 12g carbs

Other two meals are breakfast with 2 egg onion omelette
Lunch is green veg soup with lentils and a small portion of ham.

A cup of cooked lentils (obviously don't know how many you're having) is 36.71g carbs. Along with the carbs from the veg in your soup and the onion in your lentils.

Your BMI suggests that you're already in the healthy range, and you don't want to lose a lot, but you are saying that losing weight is hard and you have asked for help - in which case, I'd definitely cut out some of these carbs because on the basis of what you've listed for your food, you're eating around 100g carbs a day (my estimate, obviously), which is low carb relative to what most people's diets are, but unlikely to be low enough to help you lose weight.

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