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Help please with BMR/TDEE confusion

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McPie Mon 13-Jul-15 17:11:48

My BMR is 1437 and my TDEE is 2352 for moderate exercise, I have over 20lb to lose so have taken 20% off to give me a daily intake of 1882. Now here is where I am confused what do I do about exercise?
Today I do 2 Body Pump classes (one am one pm as the only 2 available that I can go to are on the same day and I love, love, love the class) and this morning I burned 509 calories (use a heart rate monitor) and expect to do around the same tonight so a burn of over 1000 calories.
What do I do with this?
Do I ignore it as my TDEE takes my activity into account and eat 1882 calories today or do I minus exercise and eat back to my BMR so 1882-1000=882 1437-882=555 meaning I would eat a total of 2437 today?
I exercise 5 days a week typically, Monday 2x body pump, Tuesday am gym (strength training so heavy weights), body balance and metafit, Wednesday am gym, metafit, pm body combat and body balance, Thursday am body balance, dance/stability balls, pm bums tums and body combat with another day in the gym.
Exercise is highly important to me as it is what got me off antidepressants and has kept me off them for the last 2 years and in the last 3 I had lost 4 1/2 stone but have recently put on a stone being lax with my diet hence trying to get my head around all this but I seem to be tying myself in knots so any help would be grateful.

dun1urkin Tue 14-Jul-15 00:08:07

Eat 1882 - your 'exercise calories' are already accounted for in your TDEE calculation.
Your TDEE is your 'stay the same weight' calories including all your exercise calories.
Does that make sense??

McPie Tue 14-Jul-15 10:59:48

Thank you yes it does, I was trying to "eat back" if my net calories went under my BMR but it never felt right eating that much as I always felt stuffed. I will stick to my TDEE - 20% and see how I get on.

TalkinPeace Tue 14-Jul-15 15:16:52

Never, ever eat back calories

a cool way to lose weight for once and for all is to work out your TDEE at sedentary happy weight and eat within that.

BMR is the number of calories a teenager uses to watch youtube grin

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