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Please tell me this was better than nothing!

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Oldisthenewblack Wed 01-Jul-15 19:16:35

I made it to the gym this evening, after not going for a few days. It was so incredibly hot though, and I felt so lethargic that I could barely move. Certainly didn't raise my heartrate by much! I spent an hour on the bike and the cross trainer (very, slow and lowest level!) and some very light weights. Pathetically, I'm looking for reassurance that this was better than nothing - I will have burned at least a few more calories than I would've sitting on my backside watching crap TV??

Cassie258 Sun 05-Jul-15 15:58:26

It was better than nothing but if you do it again I'll be round to slap your wrist! wink

You can do it!!!

You'll need a goal and some well chosen loud music!

When are you going again? I've got my whip ready!

firesafety Sun 05-Jul-15 16:06:20

It was better than nothing.

Wednesday was horrendously hot and I know I got to the gym that day and CBA to walk up the stairs to the gym bit and decided to go swimming instead.

Just as long as you made more effort next time you went....

hstar1995 Sun 05-Jul-15 16:49:54

It's better than nothing. One of my favourite sayings is ' no matter how slow you're going, you're faster than those on the couch'. Basically, any exercise is better than none at all, and especially in this heat grin don't beat yourself up, but do push yourself next time. You'll feel better for it, promise!grin

hstar1995 Sun 05-Jul-15 16:51:11

And I second the music! I've got a gym playlist on my phone, the music really motivates me

steppemum Sun 05-Jul-15 17:04:01

no matter how slow you're going, you're faster than those on the couch'. Basically, any exercise is better than none at all,

I second this, well done you

lilacblossomtime Sun 05-Jul-15 20:02:08

I think you might be better off slowing down a bit if the heat is affecting you that much. You have to listen to your body. Maybe exercise very early or late when it's cooler. Be sure to keep hydrated too.

Juby18 Sun 05-Jul-15 21:52:20

Any movement is better than sitting still- well done for getting up and going to the gym instead of sitting in the garden with a nice cold glass of beer/wine etc! grin

Oldisthenewblack Tue 07-Jul-15 17:47:49

Thanks all - just needed reassurance grin)

Yes, hstar, it's true: much better than lying on the couch, remote control in hand. Though I've just discovered Orange is the New Black and am binging on that at the moment...not sure how many calories getting burned per episode...but probably more than that slow day at the gym ;o)

Cassie258 - thank you for your kind offer. I was a bit faster today, but your whip may come in useful in a few days when the lethargy returns ;o) Will let you know. Loud music is all present and correct. Can't move without it.

Onwards and upwards....

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