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30 Day Shred!

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Marilynz Wed 01-Jul-15 05:50:25

Anyone doing this or has done it with decent results?

I started yesterday and oh my god it nearly killed me! I know it gets better as I've done it before (but never lasted 30 days! grin )

In 30 days I'll post my before and after weight / measurements if anyone is interested? smile

Racheyg Wed 01-Jul-15 14:18:25

Good luck op.

I did the 30 day shred last year before I fell pregnant. It's pretty tough isn't it?

Hope it all goes well and I can't wait to hear about your results x

Magicalmrmistofeles Fri 03-Jul-15 11:10:49

I'm on day 2 of level 2. Blooody hell - those twisy plank things at the end nearly killed me!

OctoberOctober Mon 13-Jul-15 01:31:13

1 week in - please tell me it works...

TwigletLola Tue 14-Jul-15 08:39:49

I did Day One, Level One yesterday and my arms are so sore. It hurt to wash my hair in the shower afterwards! I can't get the hang of any of her ab exercises because I have no stomach muscles at all so if I try and do crunches I just don't move! I took my measurements yesterday and I'm hoping to see some results soon.

IndianMummy Tue 14-Jul-15 10:43:07

I did it, all 30 days, and it's worth it - stick to it. I saw the difference a little later on (maybe the 3rd week) but everything feels tighter, slimmer, stronger - and it's only 20 minutes a day!

The only 'disadvantage' is that after you've done it, you kind of have to keep going with the exercise thing to keep the results...

OctoberOctober Fri 17-Jul-15 00:40:27

Thanks Indianmummy, good to know that it gets results.

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