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Slim&Save weight plan

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VodkaValiumLattePlease Mon 22-Jun-15 21:39:24

Today I started my first day of Slim&Save which is a VLCD, basically the same as Cambridge but a lot cheaper due to the fact you buy the products online!

I'm 14 6 1/2 currently 5'5, with my goal weight being around 9 stone

Today the products I had were:
Caffe latte shake
Mint chocolate shake
Mint chocolate bar
Vanilla shake
2.6 litres of water

I'm basically going to be posting on this thread how I'm doing.

Anyone else on Slim&Save or any other VLCD?

SignoraStronza Tue 23-Jun-15 20:51:10

Hello! I started on my leftover exante diet today and using mfp to track too, am aiming for around 750 calories a day. I'm bf a 9 month old, hence some extra calories as advised by my gp.

I'll be doing 3x 200 meals, plus a small protein and salad/green veg meal at lunchtime. Then I'll see whether to change to s&s once I run out. Today I've had:
70g pack Bresaola/50g green salad leaves
Carbonara meal
Banana milkshake.

I'm possibly the same weight as you (will check later), although a lot shorter at 5ft1. My goal is about 9st though, as much less and I look all out of proportion - I go scrawny on top half and retain fluid on lower half due to lymph problems.

Am looking forward to Thursday when the 'euphoria' should start to kick in. This is the biggest (size18) I've ever been and, now I've had the last baby am determined to get back into the 8/10 clothes that are sitting in the loft.

Are you using the tracker in the s&s booklet? I've decided that this time I'll rejoin slimming world at some point and stay there as a gold member to keep me in the straight and narrow. I can't really go along very easily at the moment and really need the early boost that a vlcd will offer.

WisteriaRose Wed 24-Jun-15 12:15:57

Hi, I started a week ago on Slim & Save and had my first weigh in this morning, I've lost 10.4 lbs!

The first few days are awful but they honestly do get better. Stick with it then you will feel fab. Good luck!

SignoraStronza Wed 24-Jun-15 18:46:07

Well, today had been fairly easy as have been so busy. I've had Porridge, veg soup and a chocolate milkshake, plus an exante 'ketosis meal' of portobello mushroom filled with gruyere, garlic and parsley, plus a green salad. Have been trying to drink lots of water but fed up of the regular loo trips - hope it settles down!
I've calculated that I'd like to lose a round 60lbs, which would get me down to 8st13.5! So on 12 weeks of this plan that would have to be 5lbs a week!

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