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Gastric Band

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fairywings71 Wed 15-Nov-06 19:22:03

I have followed all the diets over the years, some of them more than once e'g RC;SW;WW;SS. i have lost the same few stone numerous times and gained it again. i ahve used slimming tablets, and i go to the gym regulary. I decided enough was enough. i didnt want to waste my thirties as well as my twenties, and teens. So i ahd this op done. Its not easy and its not a miracle cure. you do have to work with the band but.......i have lost 4stone in five months and i only have another three to go. I know alot of people wont agree with this and will have their own opinions but it worked for me. I just thought this might be useful to some people using the site.

fortyplus Wed 15-Nov-06 20:02:12

I think if you were 7 stone overweight then drastic action was called for! I lost nearly 3 stone loosely following the GI diet - my motivation was the death of an apparently very healthy friend from an aggressive tumour - healthy to dead in 4 months. I thought that as I lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle it was pretty stupid to walk round 4 stone overweight and increase my risk of heart disease, strokes and oestrogen related cancers.
I've put on about 10lb over the past 6 months but I'm putting that down to feeling naff because of the symptoms associated with uterine polyps, which I had removed last Fri. So I'm raring to go and determined to lose the rest of the weight.
A gastric band is a very drastic solution to your problem, but if everything else has failed then 7 stone is a dangerous amount of excess baggage to be carrying around. You're very brave - I wouldn't have done it - but it's YOUR decision and it's worked for you - I hope that no one will criticise you for it.

fairywings71 Wed 15-Nov-06 20:54:28

Thanks for that. I havent told many people because it felt very private and was a new journey for me. I have told more people lateley and encountered the negative attitude that often accompanies wls, also people think that it is the easy option;believe me its not.

You have done fantastic. I have followed the principles of the GI diet; i just have to eat smaller portions, also the band wont let me eat white processed things like bread and pasta.

misdee Wed 15-Nov-06 21:01:07

can i ask, was it on the nhs, or private? how much was it?

i have a food addiction problem. and its bloody hard work trying to diet. i know WLS isnt easy, but if it helps, then whats the problem?

i have considered it, and have said if i do get some money somehow then will enquire properly about it.

fairywings71 Wed 15-Nov-06 21:19:50

Hi, it was private. I dont mind giving the details as long as people dont think i am promoting the surgeon for my own gains. I paid 4500 euros which is about £3055. I had the surgery in Belguim by a surgeon recommended to me. I know ann diamond hasnt done much for surgery ien belguim, but from my research they have done more of the ops than anyone else (well the french, germans belgians set have done more than the english), the hospital was fantastic clean and friendly, and the surgeon is fab.

I dont mind answering any questions at all so feel free to ask

SueW Wed 15-Nov-06 22:33:24

There's someone on here planning gastric band surgery - or was a while ago. Your info might be useful to her.

If she has had it done, I'm sorry I've missed it.

sanchpanch Wed 15-Nov-06 22:40:22

how much was your travel there? and did you have to return to see surgeaon, so many weeks after op?

fortyplus Wed 15-Nov-06 22:44:39

fairywings71 - thanks. I think you're right re: anne diamond - that's probably where people get their negative ideas. she's had hers redone and is now a size 14 - hoping to be size 12 for xmas - did you know?

fairywings71 Thu 16-Nov-06 00:02:55

Hi, The plane fare was 157.00. It can be cheaper but i booked last minite. I saw the consultant again 6 wks later for a 'fill' then six wks after that. i can contact him by email and he always responds. I can also speak to his secretary. I live nr liverpool, but people from down south way tend to use eurostar cos its cheaper and it takes you strait to where the hospital is. I have travelled to london twice post op for fills and this has cost me 48.00, and the fill was 60.00 so it is still much cheaper than going with a uk surgeon. I have saw ann diamond, she looks fab and i hope to follow in her footsteps. I dont know if i can give the link to the surgeons website or not on here.

ForcesSweetheart Thu 05-Jul-07 20:35:39

I know this is an old thread but does anyone have any idea how long the NHS waiting lists are for this surgery? I've been referred to St Georges in Tooting but would be interested to hear if anyone has been told roughly how long waiting lists for the band are?

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