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PLEASE help me tone my arms up for my wedding in 10 days!

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WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 18:44:45

I realise I've left this a bit late... To say the least...

My dress is so beautiful that I had to have it, but it's sleeveless. I'm 5'6", weigh 10st 4 and I'm a size 10. But my arms! I have dinner-lady arms!

I'm low-carbing and eating sensibly, loads of water, etc. please tell me what I can do to even improve my arms a FRACTION in the next 10 days. I will do ANYTHING.

Thanks! Love, Wobbly

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 18:47:33

It's not just fat, it's flab. Horrible wobbly flab. They just kind of... hang. From the side they're not that bad but there's a hint of overhang above the elbow.

I lost a lot of weight (50lbs) when I was 39 and I think the skin never really recovered. But there's fat in there too, not just skin.

Would a body-wrap thing work?

Currently I'm doing 3kg weights - every arm exercise possible; and tricep dips; press-ups... Would rowing help?

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 18:48:46

I KNOW I HAVE LEFT IT TOO LATE. But I'll try anything for a last-minute boost.

meandjulio Wed 17-Jun-15 18:53:40

I would say get a jacket or wrap...

You could try tricep dips, like about 5 sets of 10 twice a day or something? More likely to injure your shoulder and have to marry in a sling, so I'd just enjoy the run up to your wedding. Congratulations smile

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Wed 17-Jun-15 18:56:20

Could be worth trying a body wrap thingy - probably the only thing likely to have a drastic effect * disclaimer - I have never used them myself *

PoppyShakespeare Wed 17-Jun-15 18:58:58

there are lots of tricep things you can do in addition to dips (the cable thing is good if one at your gym, pull downs and extensions?) but what do you want to do, make the tricep bigger so it fills out the loose skin a bit more?

that could take ages

Letmeeatcakecakecake Wed 17-Jun-15 20:04:04

Here's the trick...

2 reps max weight you can handle
20 reps lowish weight (struggle to get to 20)

The max weight reps will break and grow the muscle, the high rep low weight reps will tone them.

Do the following exersices
Biceps curls
Hammer curls
Shoulder press
Upright rows
Tricep pullovers
Bent over triceps extension

Do 5 sets of 2 x max weight followed immediately by 20 mid weight reps

Labracadabra Wed 17-Jun-15 21:09:38

Deja vu? Was it you who posted last summer with a need to lose a stone 10 days before your holiday? If so, thanks, as it was a truly hilarious thread.
Have you tried the shitter tea this time? Surely they sell an arm version?

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 22:33:15

Yes! That was my thread. It was great fun. I think I lost 6lbs which I immediately piled back on. On to my ARMS, clearly.

I think I might need a bolero. I hate boleros - nothing screams, "Look at me! I have fat arms!" louder than a bolero or a pashmina. But I really do have morbidly lardy upper arms. It seems so unfair! Why can't all this fat stick to my cheekbones or boobs where its power could be used for good?

I will try the v heavy/medium weight thing now. Thank you!

QuintShhhhhh Wed 17-Jun-15 22:36:18

Do you have time for liposuction? You could add the fat to your boobs at the same time.

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 22:58:56

Liposuction might work, except doesn't it initially cause swelling? I might look worse.

Maybe surgeon could fashion the bandages into an attractive shrug, though.


[writes down notes in BRIDAL ARM IDEAS notebook]

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 23:00:35

I read about bingo-wing liposuction. It often just sucks out the last remaining bit of plumpness from the arm, leaving totally empty hanging sheets of flesh! EWWW! Not the vision I was dreaming of for our first dance, me lovingly draping my empty-arm skin around him like a blanket.

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Wed 17-Jun-15 23:03:06

Fake tan!

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 23:03:17

(I've ordered a shrug, btw. It's a thin chiffon one. It's so thin, it won't actually disguise my arms at all. More like dusting them with icing sugar.)

I'm thinking of doing tactical fake tan where I paint on triceps. Apparently if you use matte bronzer diwn the back of your arm, it looks thinner. But if it rains, it'll run off my arms onto my lovely dress and look like I've shat mysekf.

Would men rather marry a woman with fat arms, or one who looks faecally incontinent??? Genuine question.

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 23:05:10

I was honestly thinking of gluing my veil to my arms with Spray Mount. Maybe when my bridesmaid removes my veil, she might also tear off a 3" chunk of arm-fat too.

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 23:09:33

It's hard trying to do all these arm exercises "subtley" in front of fiance. He keeps asking why I'm constantly hefting a kettle bell around in the sitting room. The honest answer is, "HAVE YOU SEEN THE STATE OF THESE ARMS?!" but I'm clinging to the hope that he hasn't actually ever noticed them. I usually wear sleeves.

His first glimpse of the 100-tog duvets that make up my upper arms will be at the top of the aisle. When it'll be too late! Poor bloke.

QuintShhhhhh Wed 17-Jun-15 23:09:36

Can you wear angel wings? That will take attention from your arms.

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 17-Jun-15 23:13:48

It would indeed. Maybe I could just tattoo words on each arm?? I could fit the complete works of Shakespeare on each. sad

mrschestylarue Wed 17-Jun-15 23:16:50

Try going on a vibroplate thingy. I got one just before my wedding for a month and I swear it toned my arms and legs really quickly.

QuintShhhhhh Wed 17-Jun-15 23:16:56

Id go for "love" "hate" - why make it classy and complicated when it can be crude!

QuintShhhhhh Wed 17-Jun-15 23:17:34

will the vibro thingy work for toning stomachs?

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Thu 18-Jun-15 08:07:42

Distraction technique

happygirl87 Thu 18-Jun-15 08:14:22

I googled arm exercises before my wedding, and did 3 weeks of triceps dips off my kitchen chair, something I can't quite remember where you stand facing a wall with straight arms and palms flat on the wall, and "kickbacks" -using bottles of wine as weights blush

WhatsGoingOnEh Thu 18-Jun-15 09:29:31

Haps - did it work? Congrats on your wedding, btw. :-)

I've brought my little dumbbells into work today so I can attempt to do something. I've lost 10lbs now, but predictably it's mostly off my face (which was fine!!) so I look rather witch-like.

What's that distraction technique? Am I hypnotising the guests into not noticing my arms?

WindMeUpAndLetMeGo Thu 18-Jun-15 09:38:30

Try the wraps, if nothing else they will remove any "water weight" being stored in your arms. Remember you are going to be in a stunning dress and no one is going to take any notice of your arms, and you will be too busy enjoying yourself to care on the day!

When having your wedding pics done, don't rest your arms against your body as this makes them look bigger (I also hate my arms!)

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