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Talk to me about Giving Up Sugar

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bringitbacknow Fri 12-Jun-15 20:17:29

I'm trying to give up sugar but am reading a lot of conflicting advice.
One book I have (the sweet poison quit plan) says to stay away from sugar, but bread and potatoes and other carbs are okay.
(I like this approach as it seems more realistic),

but other literature I have read (Davinas) says that when you give up sugar you must also stay away from sugar AND bread etc and any other starchy nice things.

Which one should I follow?
I don't think I can (or want) to give up bread.
I have to have some pleasures in life.

bringitbacknow Fri 12-Jun-15 20:18:38

I have a horrible feeling that Davina's way is going to be the right way. sad

HuftysTrain Fri 12-Jun-15 20:23:09

Totally agree with you on the pleasures thing. I find Davina McCall too evangelical, I think it's her additive personality that means she does things to extremes eg the exercising and healthy eating. People have lived very well for hundreds of years on potatoes, it's a healthy food.

Good luck to you cutting out sugar. I cannot manage without it - but I don't want to either. I like sugary things and believe that in moderation that's fine so long as the rest of your diet is ok. Davina seems to struggle with moderation. She's an all or nothing type I reckon.

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Fri 12-Jun-15 20:29:10

For me it has to be all or nothing. I have tried to give up processed sugars but still eat bread and potatoes. I lasted 6m - which was good. But the trouble with that, for me, is that I still get the sugar-rollercoaster, albeit to a lesser extent.

If I cut out all carb-heavy foods, then the first week or ten days are tough, but after that I can see biscuits and not eat them.

The key is, I think, to have plenty of other foods that I enjoy. Never to feel hungry or deprived.

ButterflyOfFreedom Fri 12-Jun-15 20:31:53

I've thought about giving up sugar (as I think I'm addicted to it!) but realistically just don't think I could.
When I think about what I eat / what I would have to cut out, sugar seems to be in everything!!

Cereal, bread, pasta sauce, fruit/oat bars I have for snacks. ..
Would you have to cut out fruit and fruit juice too or is natural sugar allowed?

I agree with the previous poster though that some sugar in your diet in moderation can't be bad for you, just like most things.

Good luck though!

bringitbacknow Fri 12-Jun-15 20:33:13

I like the sound of the first book, because at least if I do find myself in a cafe, I can have a buttered scone or toast and butter with my cup of coffee.
Or if I really want something (as an occasional treat) from the bakery - I can have a sausage roll or a chicken bake.
Or if I'm with people that are ordering takeaways, I can have fish and chips etc.

Obviously I wouldn't eat those things on a daily basis. But you have to live in the real world!

bringitbacknow Fri 12-Jun-15 20:39:51

I think cutting right down on other carbs (as much as possible) is probably the correct way to go about it.
This week I haven't had any sugar but have had a lot of other carbs - I'm seeing this week as a pre-liminary to the real thing - if I decide to do it).

I've had a funny taste in my mouth and haven't noticed any weight loss, so I'm mentally gearing myself up to the cold hard fact that if I'm going to do this - it might as well be done properly. Which is more or less the Davina way.
Oh well, batten down for the storm ahead.

CharlesRyder Sat 13-Jun-15 07:17:42

I think if you are going to do it then maybe do it to the greatest extent you can for a month or so and see how you feel. I think if you are still eating quite a lot of high GI foods you will never get off the roller coaster so it will seem impossible.

I think even Davina's version gets criticizes because she adds syrup and honey to things.

There are some low sugar options you could switch to- wheetabix is pretty low for cereal, sweet potatoes are low GI and 90% cocoa chocolate has hardly any sugar!

I have done 4 weeks now and feel amazing, have no cravings, have lost 12lb and have no intention of going back to the biscuits.

OneDayWhenIGrowUp Sat 13-Jun-15 07:42:57

I'm on day 10 of doing the Whole 30, look it up. There's a book but tbh there's so much information on the website, online, on YouTube videos/blogs etc that it's easy to do without having to buy a book or anything.
It's basically a 30 day exclusion diet- no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no alcohol. Sounds horrendously strict at first and I cannot BELIEVE that I've made 10 days but I feel fantastic so far. The idea is to get it all out of your system and then reintroduce foods/groups one by one so you can really focus on how each of these likely problem food types affect you. You also are not allowed to weigh yourself for the 30 days, so you don't obsess about that. Which has been quite freeing! I've definitely lost weight already though. Or at least feel slimmer. Which is crazy as I feel I've been quite indulgent in what I'm eating and they encourage big portions focusing on protein, fat & veggies.

Anyway, I think it's made not having sugar easier, as its part of an overall plan focused on health, I've not been hungry, sugar cravings went within a few days and now what is really interesting is I am starting to see most of my "cravIngs" are actually habit/mindless eating- I missed a glass of wine whilst cooking/eating a nice meal with my boyfriend, I missed popcorn with a film, I missed dark chocolate whilst snuggled up on the sofa in the evening. It's not to say I won't ever have those things again, I most definitely will, but it's proving very useful to have the opportunity/breathing space to examine what causes my eating habits.

Anyway just thought Id post about it because whole30 seems to be more an US thing and not well known in the UK

Going to stop now before I sound too evangelical!

Dowser Sat 13-Jun-15 09:01:33

I've had no chocolate, mints, kids sweets or gluten free cakes for 7 weeks.

Being gluten free I haven't had ordinary cake for three years. And bread and pasta.

It's hard at celebrations but I focus on foods I can eat and enjoy.

I'm not fat but I'm not slim either. I'm about a size 14. I didn't like the belly I was getting so I'm still working on losing it.

I must have a low metabolic rate as I don't eat an awful lot I wouldn't do what Davina does and swap sugar for honey unless I was down to a size 10.

hambo Sun 14-Jun-15 18:21:44

I've been sugar free for about 18 months - I fell off slightly at christmas and easter but back on again.

I think you have to decide if it is for life or short term to lose weight. For me it is for life, and so I eat potatoes and bread. I have however cut back on pasta and eat only wholemeal and maximum twice a week. I will not eat white bread. This is because I feel so good with no sugar, and can tell how sleepy and odd white pasta and bread make me feel.

For tasty snacks I eat medjool dates with almond butter in...sounds a bit hippy but so tasty and stops sugar craving. (yes they are full of sugar but also fibre so not too bad.

I look at this as for life and so I don't have any hard and fast rules - it is my life and no one will judge me. I am currently losing about 0.5 lbs per week, which suits me.

Sugar free you can have nice treats...pancakes with bananas, dates, milkshakes, sorbets (just whizz up frozen fruits), seeds and nuts, beer!!! Nairns cheesy oatcakes, hummus, Crisps if you need to's very easy!

hambo Sun 14-Jun-15 18:22:56

(and Davina is a cheat IMO - honey or syrup is just the same as sugar!!)

HuftysTrain Sun 14-Jun-15 20:27:20

Are honey and syrup less addictive though? Perhaps? I've no idea.

hambo Sun 14-Jun-15 21:12:05

Apparently all added sugars in any form are the same for the body to process, however glucose is ok.....
This is what I understood from David Gillespie who wrote 'sweet poison' and Sarah Wilson 'I quit sugar'.....

And, white bread and pasta are just the same as sugar to the body.

apparently! I recommend reading the above book though as I am no biologist and might give you wrong info!!

avagosling Mon 15-Jun-15 15:18:32

Whole 30 is absolutely fabulous, it is a way of living, not about depriving yourself and dieting..
I have found that increase the intake of protein and good fats really helps with satiety and keeps the sugar cravings at bay. Get good quality olive oil, avocados, coconut oil and ghee and use them liberally in cooking/pouring/spreading on. Fat does not make you fat! And reduces sugar cravings... ;)

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