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Sports bra recommendations

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TristanFarnon Tue 09-Jun-15 10:25:35

Hi! I have recently started the couch to 5k programme, and am getting on well but now find that a lack of, um, support is hampering my progress!

Went looking for a sports bra but I haven't bought one in 15-20 years, technology seems to have moved on and the choice has left me baffled. Any top picks for bigger busted ladies? I am in the region of 38E.


helenahandbag Tue 09-Jun-15 10:34:16

I love the Shock Absorber "Run" bra, it's great. I'm a 34GG and I can run/spin/jump around at bootcamp with no jiggle at all (well, from my boobs. I can't say the same for my thighs blush)

It's not the cheapest but it's durable and keeps everything where it should be. I think I had to go for the 36G as it's really tight around the back but it's supposed to be a tighter fit than normal bras.

mrbob Tue 09-Jun-15 21:55:04

I find the highest impact one possible from m&s is good for the bigger boobs. You will need something fairly all encompassing to keep them strapped in place smile

Oldisthenewblack Wed 10-Jun-15 00:08:27

I can highly recommend the Enell bra - not cheap but brilliant. It really is the best sports bra I've ever had, and I've had lots! I get mine from Lessbounce. Quite a feat to fasten it up at the front (lots of hooks and eyes) but once it's on, everything's held in place really securely. I'm a 34G, and my bosom is dreadfully heavy, so if this bra can hold me in place....

Good luck!

TristanFarnon Wed 10-Jun-15 09:05:11

Briliant, thank you! These have given me a place to start looking smile I have resigned myself to the fact that the specialist piece of equipment I require may not be cheap, but I feel like there are two rabbits having a fight in my top every time I run so it will be worth it to stop that!

TriJo Wed 10-Jun-15 14:54:46

The Panache sports bra is great - supports via encapsulation and is very comfortable. I love the Shock Absorber S4490 too for when I need to really mash the girls down. Amazon usually have good prices on that one - I think I paid around 16 quid the last time I got one.

Oldisthenewblack Wed 10-Jun-15 17:25:56

Yes, I can vouch for the Shock Absorber too, that's my second best sports bra. Does the job very well. The Enell just outweighs it for me as it just seems to keep them in place a bit more. Definitely a case of trial, but hopefully not error, with sports bras, just have to give them a go and you'll locate your holy grail soon enough grin)

Jamrollypolly Wed 10-Jun-15 19:02:43

With the shock absorber is it better to go up one size or more?

helenahandbag Thu 11-Jun-15 14:00:40

I went up a back size and down a cup size, as the cups in a 34GG (my usual size) are the same size as the cups in a 36G but the back size in the 36 is bigger. The cups in a 36GG would be too big... if that makes sense?

The 36 is still really tight but it's supposed to be - nothing is going anywhere when I'm wearing it!

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