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mrsnewfie Thu 04-Jun-15 13:07:14

Hello all.
I really want to lose weight. I've tried all the diets but I just can't stick to anything! It's not the diets that have failed, it's me. I just can't get into the 'zone'.
Any tips on staying motivated would be gratefully received!

IvanOsokin Thu 04-Jun-15 15:46:38

I have also found it hard to get into the zone at times so know the feeling.

Three things have helped me get to my target weight and (so far!) stay there.

Firstly, cutting refined carbs - sugar, bread, pasta, biscuits etc. I used to be a crap carb junkie and realised that eating those things just made me crave more. After a couple of days of gritting my teeth and living with the cravings, I was surprised to find I didn't really miss them. Most of my carbs come from veggies, pulses and things like gluten-free oatcakes (I've discovered that gluten doesn't like me much). Not missing the stuff I used to snack on made it easier to stick to eating well.

Secondly, I stopped eating anything marketed as 'low fat' or containing artificial sweeteners. I upped my protein and decent fats, such as proper butter, olive oil and avocado, which fill me up better than junk and keep me full for longer.

Thirdly, I had a go at the 5:2 intermittent fasting thing, on the grounds that I would only have to think about strict dieting two days a week, which for me is easier to stick to. A big thing it did was take away the fear of not having snacks constantly available. Even on weeks where I don't fast, I don't feel the need to eat just because it's a particular time of day and I'm less likely to graze out of habit/boredom/for comfort.

Don't know whether any of these will help you, as everyone's different, but it's much easier to get into the zone when you find something that suits you and makes sense to you.

Good luck.

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