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Do I have time?

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pudding25 Mon 01-Jun-15 15:25:41

Keep losing and putting back on the same 3 pounds. I have cut out sugar but been having a weekly blow out on bread, crackers and cheese. Not good. The rest of the week is healthy. Cut right back on carby stuff. Lots of veg, a bit of fruit, some proten.

I have 9 weeks until holiday. I am currently 11st 2. I want to be 10 st 4.

What are the chances?

I am exercising about 3 times a week.

MisForMumNotMaid Mon 01-Jun-15 15:38:09

Its 12lb in 9 weeks so doable if you can not do the blow outs.

Do you have any nights out/ birthdays/ weddings/ fathers day meals etc that you need to build into your eating plan?

If cheese/ crackers/ bread are your weekness could you give yourself an allowance. I do slimming world and the daily allowance for bread is 60g wholemeal (roughly 2 slices from a small loaf or a medium roll). The allowance for cheese is 40g low fat cheddar/ day (i split this and have about 150ml skimmed milk and 20g grated or cubed cheese). I then get a syns allowance for sauces/ fat/ sugary foods and alcohol which I limit to 200cals/ day. Lean meat, eggs and veg are then unlimited. With the aim of every meal being at least 1/3 veg.

For me the best way to lose the weight is to eat proper planned meals three times a day and have the odd treat thing in for when the urge hits.

I find if I try to be to strict I end up blowing out, then feel guilty go back to being very strict, blow out again etc.

pudding25 Mon 01-Jun-15 17:00:07

Thanks for replying. My problem is binge eating so if I start on something, I can't stop. Sugar and bread/cracker type stuff are my triggers. Have managed to ditch the sugar which has helped but if I touch bread, that's it. Plus I think it bloats me anyway. So I need to avoid it as much as I can!

I might do that with cheese though. I can control it better.

Desperate to get back to 10 4 before I go away. I was around that weight until this year. Stressful year involving a lot of binge eating...

pudding25 Mon 01-Jun-15 17:05:06

No nights out that I can think of where I would need to watch. It's not those that are my downfall, it's the utter exhaustion after a stressful week at work/grumpiness/hormones and general emotional eating that is my problem.

MisForMumNotMaid Mon 01-Jun-15 18:25:58

I sometimes have mini cubes of cheese with a dish of mini cocktail silverskin onions. It hits the cheese spot.

I'm the same with bread, especially fluffy white with a crunchy crust. Its not just the doorstep of bread its the butter and chunk of cheese that goes with it. Much as i tell myself we'll feed the excess to the ducks if i buy it, when i do i just eat it.

Maybe the best thing to do is just take it one week at a time. If weekends are your vulnerable time can you plan in a few indulgences like a mud pack that sets hard so stops evening snacking grin. Didn't work for me, i thought if i can't eat I can still drink and had a large wine through a straw.

pudding25 Mon 01-Jun-15 19:10:16

I could probably do that with melted chocolate grin

Yes, that's my problem. Will start with one small bit of bread then eat tons, then have tons of crackers and a whole load of cheese and keep going. Not good.

The problem with me is that there is no exact time that is a danger time. Well, when I am exhausted is definitely the worst.

Have decided I am going to weigh daily. That way I can see how being bloated affects my weight and also if I don't weigh, I just think, screw it!

Vivacia Mon 01-Jun-15 21:16:34

I think you need to be more informed about how much you're eating. "Eating healthy" doesn't seem to be working for you (it doesn't work for me either). I recommend you some how measure what you're eating. Use calories or SW or WW, and don't worry about restricting what you're eating. Just measure it; information is power and all that.

Vivacia Mon 01-Jun-15 21:18:33

When I get home tomorrow I could let you know how long it took me to go from 11st2 to 10st 4 last year, if you're interested?

pudding25 Tue 02-Jun-15 17:48:53

Thanks for replying Vivacia. I do log most days on Weight Loss Resources to keep track of calories and food. I just don't log on the binge days! I weighed this morning and am a few pounds down from yesterday to 10 stone 11 and three quarter pounds. That sounds more like where I thought I should be so it must have been carb bloat.

Yes please. Do let me know how long it took you. Feeling a bit more postive now the scales are showing back in the 10s. I just need to not binge...

Vivacia Tue 02-Jun-15 20:33:35

Looks like it took me about 10 weeks and included a couple of weekends off the diet.

How often do you go over? How long does a 'binge' last?

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