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Comfort eating. Time to change.

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Billynoname Mon 01-Jun-15 06:23:19

Hi. I woke up this morning and thought today is the day. I am 3.5 stone overweight. I carry it well as I am tall but the scales don't lie. Pre- pregnancy I was a 12-14. During pregnancy I was a 14. I am now a good sized/pushing it a bit 16. My DD is 15 months now and we will want to try for another baby within the next 12 months so I really need to sort myself out. Being overweight affects everything in my life and it's making me really sad. I actually didn't put much weight on during pregnancy (13lbs) but I ended up with a section and a very challenging baby which meant that my 5 times a week gym regime (yep even during pregnancy) stopped overnight. I do no exercise anymore other than walking quite a lot and I can't see that changing due to a very demanding job and husband being away a lot. I comfort eat. There I said it. I get fed up and I eat total and utter sugary rubbish, every day. I know how damaging this is for my health and I am determined to stop doing this and lose weight. I'm just putting it out there as I feel like if I do, I can't go back. Admitting what I do is a big step for me. I'm realistic about bit being able to exercise loads but even just getting the food in order will make a huge positive step forwards. I feel determined! Xxx

Bishopston Mon 01-Jun-15 16:57:39

Sorry I started another thread on this topic without properly checking other posts. If I'd checked harder I'd have just commented underneath your thread rather than starting another one. I feel your pain as although I've been dieting successfully since May 20th, before then I'd got into a cycle of eating sugar loaded, calorific food, which also had a high fat and salt content. Comfort eating becomes addictive and is very hard to cut down on. However as I have a wedding at the end of July, cheating now is NOT an option, so I have stuck to my diet and indeed lost a stone in 12 days! But I totally empathise with you, I went through a period at the end of 2013 where I was finding it IMPOSSIBLE to stop comfort eating as I felt in a hell of a rut in general with my life. One of my major weaknesses was those pepperoni pizza slices from Greggs! Good luck with your new weight loss project, you sound very motivated!

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