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zeis10 Thu 21-May-15 09:08:05

Hi there I am starting Cambridge next week and have 3 1/4 stone to lose. Be good to chat, share stories and get support and inspiration from each other! Anyone else in the same boat? smile

helenahandbag Thu 21-May-15 10:18:45

Hello, I switch between calorie counting and Exante, mostly because I have no willpower and end up face-down in a pile of chocolate if I don't allow for some food days grin

I have about 3st 7lbs to lose, but I haven't settled on a goal weight yet so I'll see how I feel as I go.

zeis10 Thu 21-May-15 14:42:48

Hello helenahandbag, similar amount to me then, I am going to do most of 8 weeks on SS, as really want to be trim for the school hold, though I think it is good to have a day off here and there. I am not stuck on Cambridge and have not even tried it yet. My 1st thoughts are that it is pricy for what it is. That is a big chunk of family housekeeping n the one who is eating the least if you see what i mean, so I will be shopping around after this week!

helenahandbag Thu 21-May-15 14:50:26

It is very expensive, which is why I stick with Exante. I can get enough packs for a month for £70ish. Sadly I'm really fussy and they keep changing recipes so I'm really down to three products that I like, plus the chocolate praline bars from Slim and Save. It gets a bit boring and restrictive.

I have my summer holiday in 14 weeks and I'd love to have 2st off for then. I have binge eating disorder (I was diagnosed five years ago) so I struggle daily with my food demons but I'm about 2st lighter than my heaviest a couple of years ago.

Oxfordmum2005 Thu 21-May-15 17:39:48

I have been on Cambridge since late February. Had a month off in April (holidays and kids birthdays). I had my weigh in this morning and have now lost 26lbs. So happy with that!
Haven't quite decided what I want to lose, maybe another 2 stone or so, so will need the support to get there.
I have to say it's the best thing I have ever done, I am feeling so much better about myself. Yes it costs a bit, but in my view it's worth it.
Having someone to weigh me every week really keeps me going.
Looking forward to getting to know you all x

Barn92 Thu 21-May-15 18:30:58

Hello a few of my friends have done the Cambridge smile heard lots of good reviews! I'm currently on the juice plus and love it everyone thought I was stupid and that id just be drinking juice but I eat loadsgrin looking forward to hearing about the results ��

zeis10 Fri 22-May-15 10:34:47

Helenahandbag £70 a month is SO much cheaper; defo gonna shop around. So sorry to hear of your food/weight struggles..have been there many times myself, but mostly behind me now. Don't seem to put on weight too easily these days (this few stone came on slowly over a decade), so want to tackle this, then get into eating for health.

OxfordMum 26lbs!!! You are an inspiration to me!! ;)

Barn92, how long you been on the Juiceplus? Like the sound of that too, but really want to go for VLCD right now. smile

Oxfordmum2005 Fri 22-May-15 11:40:28

Hi Zeis,

First time I have ever been called an inspiration! But very glad to help!

What diet are you planning to do and when are you starting?

zeis10 Fri 22-May-15 12:24:53

You are a total inspiration to me Oxfordmum!! That is such an amazing achievement, I am sure you do the rest. smile I have bought a week's supply of Cambridge, so will start with that. Hoping to start Monday, or maybe Tuesday, as it is my birthday week, so going out for a meal on Sunday eve.

zeis10 Mon 25-May-15 06:57:22

I am mentally preparing now for my VLCD..did anyone do this? I think this is a good idea..more likely to stick at it, if you have thought things through, emptied out the fridge, planned the week in shakes etc! smile

twinkle183 Mon 25-May-15 10:05:06

Hi ya girls... Am doing celebrity slim... Couldn't afford Cambridge but have done it.... And had some fab results!! So am on day two of cs and like the Cambridge it hasn't disappointed me in that I have a sore head.... Lol
I have about 2 stone to loose... Can't wait to get passed this bear with a sore head phase and be in the I have loads of energy phase.... Where I could take on a marathon! Have a some events to look forward to so am super motivated!!! Have my target dress hanging on the front of the wardrobe xxx looking forward to getting to know you all! X

zeis10 Mon 25-May-15 16:54:54

Hello Twinkle183!! Will look up CS now. Trying this CD for one week, but may switch to another, as it is a lot of money for not a lot of food! When did you start? I am gearing up for tomorrow! :D

Oxfordmum2005 Mon 25-May-15 19:00:41

Good luck Twinkle, it's hard to do a vlcd, but so worth it.

I have had a naughty weekend, so bad! But I am back on it 100% today ( have the headache to prove it, and so tired too). But I think I am just tired because I have had a busy weekend!

Best advice I can give is drink loads of water, around 3 litres a day and have lots of sleep. Keeping busy during the day keeps me out of the kitchen, although I still need to feed the kids and husband!

But the most important thing to remember is the reason for doing this, that should keep you going. I so want to look great this summer!

Good luck for tomorrow Zeis!

twinkle183 Mon 25-May-15 19:51:45

Hi ya girls... Started yesterday and the headache has began to subside.. Thanks god! smile

Good luck girls... We can do it!!! So have had two shakes, one bar and a balanced meal today I am looking forward to the weigh in... Am exercising as well as I am trying the cs active!!!

And all I have been doing is drinking water, water, water... 2 litres so far!!! Xxx

zeis10 Mon 25-May-15 22:45:10

Thank you Oxfordmum..will keep you posted. Just had last supper...eek! Hope I like this CD packet food. :/

twinkle183 Tue 26-May-15 09:24:17

So day three and I am exhausted!!!! Which i knew would happen... Day four should be interesting!!! As I am always in the worst mood ever... But we shall see!! I am enjoying the shakes and the hunger seems to have disappeared which is great!! Am
Still drinking loads of water... X good luck girls xxx

zeis10 Tue 26-May-15 09:47:14

Well ladies I am on!! First porridge down..what was that?! Bit oaty, but mainly tastes of sweeteners and powdered milk..Mmm, not mad on that one. Have weighed weight loss goal: 3 1/4 stone. I have guests on Thursday and I am gonna tell my friend (not seen her for years). I know she will understand..will cook for them, of course, but need to see this through..always a reason to out it off for another week eh? Roll on school, where are those shorts?! ;) Zeis xx

Oxfordmum2005 Tue 26-May-15 12:42:25

Hi girls,

Hopefully Twinkle you will feel great tomorrow, I think it took me till day 5 though (I am a carb queen)! My headache is gone too, just tired, so know how you feel!

Zeis, well done on starting. Keep drinking the water! Porridge is not my favourite at all. I tend to have a chocolate tetra, a bar at lunchtime and a hot mint chocolate shake for dinner. Works well for me. You will find out soon what you like!
Make sure you use a blender for your powders.
There is always reasons for not starting, I deliberately stayed in for the 1st month to get started. Although I did go for lunch once with my friends and while they ate I had water! I was so determined.
Had a few slip ups lately with social occasions, but still determined x

twinkle183 Tue 26-May-15 13:42:02

Thanks... Will do!! So glad I started it now as I am off to a course on Thursday (they provide lunch) I am hoping I will be through the worst!!!

Me too.. I love a good carb!!! Am slugging water like its no tomorrow... I know it will go!! Am sulking at the moment cos all I want is apple crumble and custard.. But that sort of food is why I am having to do this in the first place shock

Keep going girls x

zeis10 Tue 26-May-15 15:37:18

So far, so good! Had my shake in the park, when shopping with my daughter. Your support means a lot to me. smile

zeis10 Tue 26-May-15 20:21:13

Right 1st day out of the way nearly..porridge and soup were not great at all.. Strawberry shake was quite nice. Which VLCD are the tastiest?

twinkle183 Wed 27-May-15 09:05:18

Morning girls headache is starting to subside!!! And starting to feel better... Struggling to drink the 2 litres of water required but will make a conscious effort today.... How you girls doing??

Oh and breath is starting to smell..confused of pear drops x

zeis10 Wed 27-May-15 09:27:16

Woke up with a bit of a headache, but Anadin Extra has cleared that up thank god!

Twinkle183, I find keeping a half litre bottle of water handy and sipping from it helps me..500mls soon goes, then get another and so on...

Gonna order some other products today, as not so impressed with CD, tho Strawberry shake was ok...any recommendations for cheaper/tastier? smile

Oxfordmum2005 Wed 27-May-15 09:41:29

Zeis, I have no idea of any other vlcd as I have only done CD. What I did notice was the taste got better after a few days, guess I got used to them! Now I don't mind them at all. Also, you will find out which ones are your favourites. I just stick to them. It's just trial and error the first week. Stick with it!
It's good to measure your water too, to make sure you are having enough. I usually start the day with 2 bottles of 1 1/2 litres in the fridge and try and get through them. I use the water flavouring in one of them, it helps a lot!

Twinkle, glad the headaches gone. You will feel so much better now!

Keep drinking girls!!

zeis10 Wed 27-May-15 10:37:20

Morning Oxfordmum, I am OK with the water, 1/2 litre bottles on the go really help. Am up to a litre already by mid morning. Water might give it a try! Had some weird rice for breakfast..tho did taste of vanilla rice mainly, which was something! smile

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