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Can we have an eating out thread?

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GingerbreadBaubles Thu 21-May-15 04:57:15

I eat out a lot due to my work and sometimes I don't want a salad while every one else is chomping on good stuff!

So wondered about starting a thread so if anyone is eating out we can collectively help choose a healthier option depending on cuisine.

Any takers?

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Thu 21-May-15 05:57:46

good idea - i often end up at the harvester for their simply chicken with baked potato and salad which is nice but uninspiring!

Methe Thu 21-May-15 06:46:29

Nandos us good for low carbers. I normally have th e Mediterranean salad, half an extra hot chicken and some Haloumi. Less than 10g carbs including a glass of wine

MixedMessages Thu 21-May-15 08:57:45

Feel your pain - I spend half my life away from home and so restaurants/airport lounges/minibars and plane food are my downfall. So hard to stay on top of healthy eating when so many if your meals are out of your control

Dowser Thu 21-May-15 09:38:11

Very true. I usually choose homemade soup or a meal with plenty of protein or a shepherds pie.

Steak and just a few chips.

Probably why I'm not losing weight.

Dowser Thu 21-May-15 09:44:18


Something weird going on. How can I contact MNHQ. Some threads I click on just don't come up and I spent ages constructing a reply to another thread only for it to disappear.
Sorry for hijacking this thread but it appears to be the only one I can see at the moment.

happygirl87 Thu 21-May-15 09:59:31

Dowser you can go on site stuff but lots of people seem to be having probs at the moment

When I'm out I often have steak and salad- but it's twice as expensive as a nice unhealthy bowl of pasta would be!

scribblegirl Thu 21-May-15 11:05:15

I went to Zizzi last night and had one of their 'skinny' pizzas - was actually a decent size and less than 500 cals! Ok so there was less cheese and prawns on a pizza would not be my first choice, but it was so nice to be able to have a pizza (especially when my size 6 friend was destroying one of their giant ones - sob!)

Nandos is good, as I'm calorie counting rather than low carbing I go for chicken in a pitta with the side salad and corn on the cob - again less than 500 cals.

Wagamama I'm all about the ramen soup...

I was very proud of myself last Sunday because I went to the pub for lunch and ordered the burger and didn't eat the bun - usually I plan to do that and crack but I just had the burger itself with the lovely chips, my weekend treat! I think I'm training my brain into knowing I don't need two carbs wink

PattiODoors Thu 21-May-15 11:15:19

Yes if you order a naked burger then you won't have that delicious bready lovliness beckoning you.

scribblegirl Thu 21-May-15 16:03:45

It was the sort of place near my parents' (countryside lark) that would look at you very oddly if you asked for no bun, though usually that would be my plan! All was well, it didn't go to waste <looks sideways at skinnymalinks DH>

StoneFoxMama Fri 22-May-15 07:52:38

Yo sushi crispy chilli squid is to die for 145 calories but tastes like much more and all the sashimi and nigiri are very low around 97 calories so you can pick a few dishes and control your portions. The menu also has the calorie content of everything written on it, I wish everywhere was like it!

simplydevine05 Thu 04-Jun-15 16:55:46

I second yo sushi. I went there for my birthday at the weekend and totally pigged out. Even had dessert. I was stuffed. All came in at just under 900kcals so because I had been so good during the day I actually didn't go over on my calorie allowance of 1330. It was the champagne that did it blush

Totality22 Fri 05-Jun-15 19:45:32

Most cuisines offer low cal options.

You have to be sensible though and make sure you
a) plan ahead [look at the menu online before if you can and check what options fit your dietary needs]
b) don't have 3 courses and share the starter / dessert where possible
c) don't drink alcohol or else have one glass of water between drinks
d) don't order any bread / olives... and don't pick at anything that is complimentary.
e) ask for a kids portion if applicable [I realise at a proper posh restaurant this may not be possible]
f) make good choices ie if you are eating Italian opt for tomato based sauces rather than cream based. Or if you are eating Chinese then choose boiled rice and a non deep fried main.

These rules all apply to travelling with works etc.

Occasionally its ok to overindulge but it's important not to let one 'bad' meal become a bad day / weeks.

EllaBella1 Sat 06-Jun-15 10:16:40

I try to go for the seafood so mussels or salmon. Never anything fried with a side salad or boiled new potatoes.

TalkinPeace Sat 06-Jun-15 17:39:28

Have two starters instead of a starter and main

Blondie1984 Sun 07-Jun-15 00:07:09

I stick to protein with veg or salad

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Mon 08-Jun-15 09:10:55

I didn't realise how much I ate out until I started tracking my food blush

Anyway my tips are:

Carvery swerve the yorshire pud & have the meat, veg & drizzle of gravy. The one nearsst me gives choice of mashed or roasted potatoes - I assume the mash will have lots of butter/milk so go for the roasted but choose 2 large instead of 4 small (surface area to volume ratio - less fat).
mcdonalds grilled chicken deli sandwich, no fries. Less than 350 cals.
indian tomato based spicy curry, prferably veg, only eat half of your rice.
chinese foo yung dish (usually mushroom) with rice.
_generic pub meal_ jacket potato based or chicken breast based.

I ate in a 50s style diner on Saturday. I got the veggie burger without fries and got a skinny milkshake made with yoghurt. I'm dieting, not starving so while I could have opted for water, I anticipated I'd want the milkshake so my lunch was a boiled egg salad.

Didthistomyself Tue 09-Jun-15 21:27:00

Any advice on Indian food? Got a do on Friday and want very much to avoid carbs and too much fat. What can I have that doesn't need rice or naan to mop it up? I have literally always had a giant curry so no clue what is a lower-cal option!

TalkinPeace Tue 09-Jun-15 21:33:04

go for side dishes / street food type stuff
so a dry, tandoor dish and then vegetables in tomato based sauces
chapatis are dry bread, but actually naan is fine
so long as you restrict the booze, the fried stuff and the cream

so no paboras and bhajees
but lots of stuffed chillis and baked okra / lentil / chickpea type stuff

Didthistomyself Tue 09-Jun-15 22:13:10

Thanks!! smile

TalkinPeace Tue 09-Jun-15 22:16:33

Sorry, I answered your post without clocking its you - how is the lean mean eating regime coming along smile ?

Didthistomyself Wed 10-Jun-15 05:30:21

<waves> Great thanks grin 30lb down!

ihatethecold Wed 10-Jun-15 06:35:58

I went to Prezzo for lunch and had a very nice steak salad which was 330 calories.
It was quite large and filling.
My DH had a pizza that was 918 cals.

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