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Portion sizes

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Moresmores Wed 20-May-15 13:50:09

I have started WW a couple of weeks ago and doing ok so far. Tonight I am cooking spag Bol but am struggling to work out my portion.

I don't really want to weigh out and cook my pasta separately but the weights all seem to be for dry pasta. I was going to give myself a ladleful of bolognaise - is that a good portion size or too much? I don't know how I am supposed to work the points out as I am cooking it for two adults, 3 dc and some leftover I would think.

helenahandbag Wed 20-May-15 15:04:33

You need to decide how much is right for you. If you're hungry, eat more. If you're stuffed, stop eating.

The points for cooked pasta are tricky to work out because the longer you cook the pasta, the more water it will absorb and the more it will weigh. It is much easier to point it by the dry weight (1PP per 10g) but I appreciate that it's a faff.

As for the points for the bolognaise, you can put it into the recipe builder and it will give you the PP for each portion. If you eat a bit more and the DC eat a bit less then just add a couple of PP on for your portion.

TalkinPeace Wed 20-May-15 20:58:11

Have a look at your plate.
If its a standard 30cm plate with a sloping edge all of the food should fit on the flat bit, with none oozing onto the sides

if your plates are big, get smaller ones

mentally a small plate filled is more filling than a big plate half empty

justcallmethefixer Fri 22-May-15 23:44:06

Pasta weigh the whole amount to be cooked dry say it weighs 200g, weigh again cooked say it weighs 400g, weigh your portion, say 100g so it is 1quarter of the amount cooked. There fore your portion was 50g dry. That is if you can be bothered with the maths, but using a calculator is less washing upwink

chumbler Sat 23-May-15 07:53:16

cook your pasta separately once and take a pic of what the portion looks like on your plates, or note how many ladles it was

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