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Mutu System - any good?

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lillamyy1 Tue 19-May-15 01:43:27

Had DS by c section 4 wks ago and eager to start exercising when given all clear by doc.
Anyone tried Mutu? I need something structured that's easy to stick to as I have terrible motivation and find it difficult to stick to diets/going to the gym.

AlpacaMyBags Tue 19-May-15 02:01:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lillamyy1 Tue 19-May-15 09:55:29

I think so, although the midwives haven't said specifically - my tummy bulges a lot in the middle when I sit up from lying, is that it?
I thought Mutu can help with DR but is for anyone post partum.

sunshine05 Wed 20-May-15 20:19:03

You can tell if you have DR by lying down and tensing your stomach muscles then feel the middle of your tummy below your belly button. You should be able to feel a ridge on each side where the stomach muscle ends and if there's a hole/gap in between them then that's DS, and you can measure it by seeing how many fingers you can insert! It's only been 4 weeks for you though so it might reduce on its own given a bit more time? MuTu is for anyone postpartum regardless of whether they have DS. I have about 2 finger DS so pretty mild but I'm going to do it because I have a bit of a bulging belly. I'm slim but can't shift my tummy and have a very weak core and pelvic floor. And my youngest is 16 months old! My stomach also domes when I lie down and try to get up. I can't wait to start it, going to buy the online version tonight. If you like I'll let you know how it goes...

lillamyy1 Wed 20-May-15 20:49:00

Thanks! Yes, please let me know. It looks great but I'm not sure if I'm disciplined enough to actually put time aside to do it! I wish there were classes you could go to...

AlpacaMyBags Thu 21-May-15 01:08:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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