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HELP QUICK! Am off out...

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Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:13:27

...for an italian meal - I realise everything will make me gain half a stone just by looking at it, but what are my best options?

Allegra Sat 01-May-04 19:18:31

Skip the garlic bread!

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:23:58

shit, is that really bad then?
I want a prawn cocktail for starters cos I haven't had one for ages.
Was thinking lasagne for main but thats really bad isn't it? Looks like I shall be doing a lot of walking this week
Still, have 6 points in hand from last two days, and 8 points left today plus I must have gained at least 5 or 6 points from walking and swimming this week

Grommit Sat 01-May-04 19:34:06

Lisa78 - go for pasta with a tomato and veg sauce - healthiest option. Prawn cocktail not goos - you could get prawns with dressing on the side and just mox a little in. Just don't go mad - you can't put on that much in one meal!!

Beetroot Sat 01-May-04 19:34:31

Message withdrawn

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:37:01

thanks grommit

Grilled fish beety? Are you MAD? Why would I want grilled fish? I am going OUT, DH is paying, I don't want grilled fish

Beetroot Sat 01-May-04 19:39:59

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sat 01-May-04 19:40:09

Message withdrawn

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:54:36

will do then, so ner!
Grilled fish, indeed

<<<stomps off muttering>>>

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 20:06:50

am going now! Yum

Beetroot Sat 01-May-04 20:13:22

Message withdrawn

Lisa78 Sun 02-May-04 19:36:43


Beetroot Sun 02-May-04 21:02:20

Message withdrawn

Lisa78 Mon 03-May-04 14:17:36

yes thanks Beety - and I thought of you at every gorgeous mouthful of lasagne We ordered garlic bread and I only had half a slice, how good am I?!! The couple on the table next to us had some fish medley as a starter, I kept looking over and grinning to myself, they must have thought they were sat next to an excaped lunatic

Course, got home to a poorly DS2, (just a cold) so haven't really slept since! Wish I'd had the bloody garlic bread now

Beccarollover Mon 03-May-04 14:21:30

Anyone know rough points for meatballs and spaghetti with tomato sauce?

Lisa78 Mon 03-May-04 14:30:33


Lisa78 Mon 03-May-04 14:32:10

400g of meatballs is about 6 points

Lisa78 Mon 03-May-04 14:34:08

100g of dry spag, is 5 points

glitterfairy Mon 03-May-04 14:34:44

lol Lisa she made me eat grilled fish last week! Bet she wouldnt eat it!

Beccarollover Mon 03-May-04 14:34:58

oh well not as bad as it could have mine - just need to add half slice of garlic bread and 6 vodka's....

....and try to forget the trip to macd's and bbq earlier in the day

Beetroot Mon 03-May-04 15:57:34

Message withdrawn

glitterfairy Mon 03-May-04 16:21:44

Now you are bragging

Lisa78 Mon 03-May-04 21:12:11

I think she is lying, I'm convinced she had pizza and chips

glitterfairy Mon 03-May-04 23:35:48

Could be right and possibly some cake from her dh!

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